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<ul><li><p>Data recovery tool - MiniTool </p><p>Power Data Recovery To meet demands of computer user, a sequence of data recovery software was released </p><p>to search andrecover lost data, such as NTFS data recovery tool, FAT data recovery tool, </p><p>digital camera data recovery tool, removable media data recovery tool and memory card </p><p>data recovery tool. Nevertheless, those data recover tools are very confined to resolve </p><p>merely one data loss circumstance. Do we have an all-in-one data recovery tool? </p><p>Definitely, MiniTool Power Data Recovery could be the powerful data recovery tool user </p><p>needed.. </p><p>--Source from </p><p></p><p>l </p><p>Data recovery categories </p><p>1. Hard disk data recovery </p><p>System failure, FAT loss, BOOT loss, MBR loss, file loss, improper operation, accidental </p><p>formatting, formatting, deletion, partitioning and virus attack, etc. </p><p>2. physical failure of disk </p><p>CMOS failure to recognize disk, magnetic head displacement, frequent system crash, </p><p>failure of formatting, obvious burn mark on circuit board. </p><p>3. Data recovery to hardware failure </p><p>Hardware failure accounts for half of data failure, generally comprising circuit failures such </p><p>as lightning stroke, high pressure and high temperature; mechanical failures like vibration </p><p>and strike, etc. </p><p>Regarding to hardware failure, we should firstly diagnose and fix hardware, then recover </p><p>data according to software problems. </p><p>Effective data recovery software </p><p>Adopted the latest data recovery technology, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is newly </p><p>released by MiniTool Solution Ltd. with powerful functions offering solutions to FAT12, </p><p>FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 partition formats. It can equally recover deleted </p><p>file, encrypted file, data stream, data deleted by FDISK and virus ravaged data and store </p><p>them into any partition. Moreover, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is totally free of charge. </p><p>User could download it at MiniTool Power Data Recovery Download Center. </p><p></p></li><li><p>User would come to this interface after running MiniTool Power Data Recovery and </p><p>unregistered user should check "I am a home user, please launch MiniTool Power Data </p><p>Recovery Free Edition" and click "Launch Power Data Recovery Free Edition" to enter </p><p>the main interface. </p><p></p></li><li><p>After running MiniTool Power Data Recovery, user would see five modules in the main </p><p>interface: Undelete Recovery is to recover deleted data, for example, the deleted data is </p><p>usually stored in recycle bin, in case recycle bin is emptied, user should adopt this module </p><p>to recover lost data; Damaged Partition Recoverycould perform full scan to partition. In </p><p>case partition is formatted, or system is reinstalled, user should employ this module to </p><p>recover lost data; Lost Partition Recovery is to recover lost partition, such as deleted </p><p>partition or crashed partition; Digital Media Recovery is to perform digital media recovery, </p><p>mainly directing at video or audio data, such as JPG, GIF, PNG, MP3, WMA, MP4, AVI and </p><p>ASF, etc; CD/DVD Recovery is to recover lost data from CD/DVD and discs like </p><p>DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, HD-DVD-R, HD-DVD-RW, BD-R and BD-RE. </p><p></p></li><li><p>When moving mouse onto each module, user could see corresponding description to </p><p>those modules in the red zone at the bottom of this interface. For example "Damaged </p><p>Partition Recovery", if we slide mouse on the module, information like "Recover files </p><p>from existing partition for any condition. For example: damaged partition, </p><p>reformatted partition, drive displayed as RAW and Windows asks- 'Do you want to </p><p>format this drive?'" would emerge. </p><p>Above is merely a simple demonstration on powerful functions of MiniTool Power Data </p><p>Recovery. For more information, please go to the official of MiniTool Power Data </p><p>Recovery </p><p></p></li></ul>