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  1. 1. Always-OnAvailability ConsistentHighPerformance Flexible,Global Deployment ElasticScalability Enterprise-Grade Administration Add or remove nodes on- demand thanks to a shared nothing architecture and no single point of failure. GeneralPurpose An integrated cache for low latency read access with fine- grained locking for high write throughput. Developer- Focused Automatic failover and replicated data within and between data centres ensures zero downtime. Configurable cross-data center replication, including active/active , on-premise or in public clouds. An integrated admin console and scripting API with cluster- wide monitoring to manage large deployments . A distributed cache, key/value store, and document store for enterprise web, and mobile applications. REST API for all functionality.
  2. 2. Scalable. Send out a lot of documents, really fast. InfoSlips cloud will take care of it and only use resources when it needs them. Ultimate performance at a fraction of the normal cost.
  3. 3. Controlled. You can run your own dedicated InfoSlips environment in the cloud, without the hassle of looking after physical servers.
  4. 4. On Premise. InfoSlips On Premise lets you run InfoSlips on your own hardware, in your data centre, tightly integrated with your other systems.
  5. 5. Hey good lookin InfoSlips Cloud and On Premise have been redesigned from the ground up, using the latest technologies and newest techniques. InfoSlips Cloud and On Premise can be skinned to reflect your brand, using your logo and colours. InfoSlips cloud and on site also comes with a shiny new web viewer that can be branded to use your logo and colours.
  6. 6. Cloud On- Premise Capex / Own Self Cycle in years Built for peak Opex / Rent Third party Cycle in months On Demand
  7. 7. Less than On-Premise
  8. 8. Hosted locally at Vox Cost per document1. InfoSlips Legacy Amazon Cloud Multi-tenant Hosted in Ireland; USA; Australia Other regions can be spun up as required Sending via Amazon SES or 3rd party (SendGrid etc.) Cost per document 2. InfoSlips Cloud Amazon Cloud Single tenant Spun up in any region for client where AWS is supported Sending via Amazon SES or 3rd party (SendGrid etc.) Hosting and support costs + Cost per document 3. InfoSlips Private Cloud Local installed on client hardware Sending via Amazon SES or 3rd party (SendGrid etc.) Initial and Annual License Fee 4. InfoSlips On Premise Options
  9. 9. Architecture Overview InfoSlips Cloud and On Premise is architected in such a way that every single piece of functionality can be swapped out by another implementation. This is called IoC (Inversion of Control). This means is that similar to pre- and post- processors of the legacy InfoSlips system, we are able to implement custom configuration at implementation time. An example of this is the sending of emails. When we deploy at a customer we will need to integrate with their email systems and when in the cloud we are sending through a cloud base provider. The new version has been designed, architected and developed from scratch. Meaning that we once again have used the best of breed tools and technology available.
  10. 10. Database MongoDB running on Ubuntu Rest API on Owin Can be hosted in any services, IIS default User Interface HTML5, AngularJS & SignalR Engine Processing Layer Windows Services hosted on any machine Architecture
  11. 11. XML Json CSV Print File Rest API InfoSlip Print Data (XML, Json) Mobile SMS Email Bill xChange Print Provider File Transfer Online
  12. 12. Bits and Pieces GIT (Source control provider.) AWS (Amazon cloud services is our preferred cloud provider. InfoSlips currently utilises EU WEST (Ireland region) to host our application.) Queues (InfoSlips uses Rabbit Message Queue technology and not workflow to provide robust and asynchronous processing. Allows InfoSlips to scale.) MongoDB (InfoSlips uses MongoDB. MongoDB is a NoSQL or Document database and not a relational database. InfoSlips stores data as Json Documents natively in the database. This allows extreme performance for document composition and storage.)
  13. 13. Other Stuff New Windows Viewer (Browser embedded, modern interface.) Combined History (Recipients using the mobile apps and online viewers ( and to access their history, will transparently view history from all implementations.) Amazon Simple Email Services (InfoSlips Cloud will send all emails straight from SES and a SMTP server. Super Fast!) WYSIWYG Email Body Designer (Simple to use Integrated Email Designer. Email bodies can be created by the end customer.) New User Interface (The User Interface is built to be responsive design, allowing us to accommodate mobile devices and desktops for doing system administration.)
  14. 14. Thank You