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  • the compelling files recovery

    software - MiniTool Power Data

    Recovery Under many circumstances, files recovery is not as difficult as what we have anticipated.

    Performing accidentally deleted files recovery is like rummaging needed items from locker.

    In fact, deleted files or files emptied from Recycle Bin are still stored on hard disk instead

    of disappearing permanently. What we should do is to recover them with files recovery

    software. Regarding data recovery software, I would like to strongly recommend MiniTool

    Power Data Recovery which is capable of recovering deleted files efficiently.

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    Main causes for file loss

    There are a host of reasons for file loss among which accidental file deletion is the most

    common one. Moreover, user himself is not the only cause for file loss, hard disk errors is

    also responsible, such as, partition damage, partition loss, operating system error or

    abrupt power supply failure. Contraposing the above-mentioned data loss scenarios, user

    may adopt individual method to perform file recovery, which is not only pains-taking, but

    also time-consuming. However, as long as user has our data recovery software - MiniTool

    Power Data Recovery, all the problems which have to be solved respectively by other data

    recovery software could be easily and efficiently settled with simple operations.

    The genuinely considerate data recovery software - MiniTool Power Data Recovery

    MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an all-round files recovery software, featuring in

    powerful data recovery performance, graphic user interfaces and easy-to-operate data

    recovery wizard, which, when put together, could perfectly and easily facilitate perform

    files recovery from almost all data loss scenarios. Besides, the file system, operating

    system and hardware compatibilities on MiniTool Power Data Recovery is really great,

    nearly all file systems, operating systems and main stream storage devices are flawlessly

    supported by our data recovery software.

    Demon on performing deleted files recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery

    Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery at for free

    and then install it to computer.

    Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery to perform deleted files recovery:

  • This is the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Select "Undelete Recovery"

    to activate deleted files recovery wizard.

  • Select the partition suffering file loss, and then click "Recover" to scan this partition.

  • Check all needed files in this interface and then click "Save Files" to enter next step.

    In this window, user should specify a saving location for recovered files. After setting, click


  • Thus, the deleted files recovery has been successfully performed with our data recovery

    software. What are you thinking? Just go and download it.