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  • The free Windows files recovery

    software MiniTool Power Data

    Recovery Since Windows holds most of the market share of operating systems, many hackers pay

    their attention to Windows operating systems. By spreading viruses and Trojans, hackers

    are able to get a large amount of information of individuals and enterprises, and they will

    rake in enormous profits from black market. After being attacked by viruses, users may

    lose a lot of data files unwittingly and serious loss is brought about. Therefore, in daily

    computer use, security protecting task should not be neglected. However, good protection

    measures can not absolutely prevent data loss caused by virus attacks, because the

    security protection measures are so passive that only after computer is attacked by

    viruses can corresponding actions be taken. Hence, new viruses are still of strong

    destructive effect and users' files are likely to disappear all the same. Besides, users'

    accidental operations are possible to result in data loss as well. Consequently,

    professional Windows files recovery software should be prepared in computer.

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    Along with the keeping development of files recovery technology, files recovery software

    in the market is innumerable, but most has single recovery function, recovering deleted

    data only or recovering lost data from formatted partition merely. So multifunctional

    Windows files recovery software is hard to find. Nevertheless, after researching on data

    recovery technology constantly, MiniTool Solution Ltd. finally releases the comprehensive

    Windows files recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which is able to

    recover lost files caused by deletion and formatted partition as well as recover lost files

    from damaged partition and lost partition. Users could

    visit to download the free Windows files recovery

    software. After installing it, we'll show its powerful data recovery ability.

    Recovery functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery

    Launch the free Windows data recovery software and we'll see its user-friendly interface.

  • In the main interface, we can see data recovery function modules of MiniTool Power Data

    Recovery: "Undelete Recovery" earmarked for undeleting data, "Damaged Partition

    Recovery" aimed at recovering lost files from formatted partition and logically damaged

    partition, "Lost Partition Recovery" used to recover lost files from lost partition, and

    "Digital Media Recovery" and "CD/DVD Recovery" used to realize digital files recovery

    and data recovery from optical disks like CD/DVD respectively. Users could employ

    corresponding modules to recover lost files in different situations.

    Recover deleted files with MiniTool Power Data Recovery

    For users' intuitive experience on the data recovery effect of MiniTool Power Data

    Recovery, we'll demonstrate how to recover deleted data in detail. In the main interface,

    click "Undelete Recovery".

  • In this interface, select the partition where the deleted data were originally stored and click

    "Recover" to check files in the lost partition.

  • In this interface, check the files to be recovered and click "Save Files" to recover the

    checked files. It is reminded that we should not store the recovered data to the original

    partition, in order to avoid data overwriting and influence on recovery effect.

    Through so simple operations, we have successfully recovered deleted data. What are

    you waiting for? Just take advantage of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to solve your data

    loss problems.