Top digital publishing tools for creating digital magazines

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From: Digital Magazine is electronic version of printed magazine...Learn more:


  • 1. Top Digital Publishing Tools for Creating Digital Magazines
  • 2. Digital Magazine is electronic version of printed magazine. Designers now would like to go digital, because digital magazine save our cost of printing and expand the distribution range. Multiple Web designers have embedded their created digital magazines to their website. On the one hand, transform web visitors to your readers, on the other hand, enhance the traffic of your website. Digital magazine directly display our content in a dynamic effect.
  • 3. If you are also interested in creating digital magazine, you may want to know how you can create it. Actually, it is simple to do if using an effective and professional digital publishing tool. In this article, I am glad to tell you the best top digital publishing tool what I have used: PUB HTML5 Digital Publishing tool. I think it is the best one because it contains all functions what I need, what the most important is, it has user-friendly interface so that I can quickly learn how to create a digital magazine from PDF document.
  • 4. PUB HTML5 Digital Publishing Tool enables you to create magazine/catalog/brochure from PDF document in a couple of click. Slide the book pages you can smoothly open the next page. All the text, image can be set with dynamic effect. Besides, in order to make your book look more interactive, you can add linkable button and hyperlink and hot-spot to the specific pages, so that guide readers to open your product webpage and then purchase.
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