A2. Is God a Delusion?

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The second in a series of sessions on apologetics at Above Bar Church, Southampton. May 2010

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  • 1. Is God a Delusion?

2. reality 3. How many people do you know who describe themselves as atheist or agnostic? Why do people not believe in the existence? of God? 4. Dawkins 4 5. God Delusion5 6. Isnt enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it? 6 7. I think that a case can made that faith is one of the worlds great evils, comparable to the smallpox virus but harder to eradicate. Faith, being belief that isnt based on evidence, is the principal vice of any religion.Richard Dawkins 8. Science = Truth 8 9. Scientists [are] the specialists in discovering what is true about the world and the universe.A Devils Chaplain, p. 242 9 10. Science can explain everything 10 11. Religion = Delusion 11 12. Religion = Unscientic12 13. It cannot be proved13 14. It is not supported by evidencel ly ?re a 14 15. experiential evidence 15 16. Why is your personal experience of God so important?? 17. philosophical evidence17 18. scientic evidence18 19. cosmological argument 20. 1. Everything that begins to exist has a cause. 2. The universe began to exist. 3. Therefore, the universe has a cause. 21. uncaused immaterial changeless timeless enormously powerful personal21 22. scientic evidence22 23. Big Bang 24. what kind of universe is it? 24 25. Static universe25 26. 1929 Edwin Hubble26 27. expanding universe 27 28. red shift28 29. Big Bang 29 30. The Big Bang represents the creation event. The creation not only of all the matter and energy in the universe, but also of space-time itself. Paul Davies30 31. steady-state expanding universe31 32. oscillating universe 32 33. Big Bang / Big Crunch33 34. 1965 Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson34 35. cosmic echo 35 36. cosmic echo36 37. microwave background radiation 37 38. A cosmic echo 38 39. 24% helium 39 40. beginning of space and time40 41. Suppose you suddenly hear a load bang, and you ask What made that bang? and I reply, Nothing, it just happened, you wouldnt accept that. In fact, you would nd my reply quite unintelligible.Kai Nielsen41 42. philosophical evidence42 43. teleological argument 44. 1. The ne-tuning of the universe is due toeither physical necessity, chance or design. 2. It is not due to physical necessity orchance. 3. Therefore, it is due to design. 45. scientic evidence45 46. 2. The ne tuning of the universe 46 47. David Wilkinson Video from God: New Evidence www.focus.org.uk 47 48. If the rate of expansion of the universe one second after the Big bang was smaller by 1 part in 100,000,000,000,000,000, it would have re-collapsed into a hot reball.Stephen Hawking 48 49. Probability of the Big Bangs low entropy condition arising by chance: 1 in 10 to the power of 10123 Roger Penrose49 50. Odds against the initial conditions being suitable for star formation: 1 followed by a thousand billion billion zeroes at leastPaul Davies50 51. John Polkinghorne Video from God: New Evidence www.focus.org.uk 51 52. [It looks as if] a super-intellect has monkeyed with physics as well as with chemistry and biology.Fred Hoyle 52 53. The evolution of complex life, indeed its very existence in a universe obeying physical laws, is wonderfully surprising or would be but for the fact that surprise is an emotion that can exist only in a brain which is the product of that very surprising process. . . . 53 54. There is an anthropic sense, then, in which our existence should not be surprising. I'd like to think that I speak for my fellow humans in insisting, nevertheless, that it is desperately surprising. The God Delusion, p. 366 54 55. In ways can this ne-tuning evidence be accounted for? How could you use this to help people ? consider the existence of God? 56. moral argument 57. morality 58. 1. If God does not exist, objective moralvalues and duties do not exist. 2. Objective moral values and duties do exist. 3. Therefore God exists. 59. The position of the modern evolutionist . . . is that humans have an awareness of morality . . . because such an awareness is of biological worth. Morality is a biological adaptation no less than are hands and feet and teeth . . . 60. Considered as a rationally justiable set of claims about an objective something, ethics is illusory. I appreciate that when somebody says 'Love they neighbor as thyself,' they think they are referring above and beyond themselves . . . 61. Nevertheless, . . . such reference is truly without foundation. Morality is just an aid to survival and reproduction, . . . and any deeper meaning is illusory. Michael Ruse 62. Why is the existence of God necessary for objective morality? ? 63. Some activities are objectively morally wrong and we ought not to do them. 64. morally wrong implies a moral law-giver 65. objectively morally wrongexternal and innite moral law-giver 66. we ought not to do itpersonal moral law-giver 67. external, innite, personal moral law-giver 68. if there is nothing otherthan a purely material universe, we cannot trust anything that we think 69. www.damaris.org www.culturewatch.org www.tonywatkins.org twitter.com/tonywatkins_ facebook.com/tonywatkinspage