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Text of Judaism

  • Monotheism A belief in only one god.

Judaism the religion of the Hebrews; it is the worlds oldest monotheistic religion Moses A prophet of God, he freed the Hebrew slaves in Egypt and led his people out of Egypt (this is called the Exodus) Torah The most sacred text of Judaism (first five books of the Bible). Ten Commandments A code of moral laws given to Moses by God Synagogue A place of worship for Jews. Judaism 1st major monotheistic religion teaches only 1 God & he is all knowing, powerful, merciful, & just Hebrews believe they are chosen people, this special relationship is represented by the land God had given them. Beliefs: Gods law was revealed through Moses (Ten Commandments) No images of God, he could not be limited will be a Messiah (savior) one day who will restore the nation of Israel Used to offer sacrifices to God in the Temple of Solomon. Temple was destroyed, so no more sacrifices. Location Fertile Crescent Origin: Founders: Abraham is the Father of the Hebrews. Moses was the law-giver and author of the first books of the Torah Judaism mainly practiced by the descendents of the Hebrews. Conquest of Jewish lands led to the dispersal of Jewish people (Diaspora) by conquering empires, there are adherents of Judaism throughout the world. While it is widespread, Judaism is not a religion that actively seeks to convert others