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2014 USTA South Carolina Tournament Director's Workshop Presentation

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2014 Tournament Director's Workshop Presentation. This slideshow outlines the duties, responsibilities, and communication necessary to execute a USTA Sanctioned Tournament in South Carolina.

Text of 2014 USTA South Carolina Tournament Director's Workshop Presentation

  • 1. TD Workshop USTA SC Annual Meeting December 6, 2013

2. Sweet! I am hosting a tournament now what? As the TD, you do the following before the tourney: apply for the sanction and appoints the referee, consulting about # of officials needed secure courts needed & re-confirm before event determine entry method, match format, and entry fees Handle late entries, if accepting (consult referee) 3. Get the WORD out! When Entries Open: Update tournament website with accurate contact information for all parties List scoring format, surface type, seeding criteria, withdrawal information/instructions, 10U Format & Scoring, doubles entries, hotel info, alternate sites, amenities USTA SC has RESOURCESflyers, mailing labels, postcard templates Send info to other facilities in your area 4. So, whats a referee, and why do I need one, anyways? Referee: Assures fair competition, ITF Rules of Tennis & USTA Regulations are followed Has final authority on all questions of tennis law Makes decisions on weather delays, continuous play, and Code of Conduct violations 5. OK. I think I have itso what else do they do? Other Referee Responsibilities include Receives withdrawal requests & documentation Lists the seeds Makes the draws Schedules Matches Handles substitutions Supervises all aspects of play 6. What do the TD and Ref need to talk about? Hiring Officials Who will handle TDM duties (messages, posting seeds, scheduling, posting scores) Who will run the desk @ main/satellite sites 7. Your Tournament Team: Help them help you! Team Meeting before the event Officials: Review Code of Conduct Review Scoring Formats Tournament Admin Staff: Have directions for alternate sites @ desk(s) Have proper admin documents-draw sheets, match cards DAILY 8. Customer Service: Make or Break your event! Be EXCITED about your tournament! REMEMBER: Players, parents, coaches are your CUSTOMERS The person running your desk is often the FACE of your entire tournament. They should be KNOWLEDGABLE and NICE. 9. Feedback: Facilities Facilities available with ice, water, clean bathrooms, Courts in good shape Clean throughout Shaded area to rest in/watch matches Beverages & Snacks available for purchase 10. Feedback: The Not-so-Great No Info on Tournament Website 1st Match Times not posted on time Draws not posted on time Officials not in uniform Tournament Desk Unorganized Scores not updated in timely fashion No directions to alternate sites available 11. Inclement Weather Policy Referees have the following optionsPlayer safety is the top priority! 1.) Use no-ad scoring 2.) Tie break in lieu of 3rd set 3.) Cancel consolation of singles and/or doubles 4.) Cancel doubles main draw (only after cons. canceled) 5.) Reschedule the tournament (committee approval req.) 6.) Cancel the tournament (coordinate with USTA SC or STA) Use of short sets must be approved by USTA SC Competition Dept. 12. One Day Tournaments: Adults Can be sanctioned any time Smaller draws Short set scoring Good intro to tournaments Easy event-themed tournaments $25 max entry fee for one event $5 for second event 13. CHALLENGER Tournaments Level 4 SC Tournament UPDATE: Top 10 of 12-16s age divisions are eligible but must play up 3 matches minimum suggested (1 dbls, 2 singles) Awards must be given for winners and finalists for Singles and Doubles Entry fee capped at $40 14. Junior Tournament Seeding Seeding Requirements are in handout Seeds should be posted BEFORE drawsat least 72 hours before the tournament begins List seeding requirements on tournament website Will save you a TON of headache/parent complaints! 15. 10U Tennis Scoring Format-Tournament Preferred Scoring Format: 10U: 2/3 short sets to 4 games, win by 2; at 4-4, play 7 point tiebreak (win by 2); if players split sets, 7 point tiebreak (win by 2) is played No 3 minute rest/coaching is permitted here L1-3 tourneys use regular (ad) scoring; L4-5 use no-ad 25 maximum racquet length 8U: 2/3 7 point games, win by 1; at game each, a third game will be played to determine the set. 23 maximum racquet length 16. TDM On the Web Internet Access REQUIRED to update scores Will be accessed onlinesame place as your sanction form for tennislink account link 17. Important Contact Info Jessica Amick: [email protected] 803-513-9105 (cell) Tennislink: [email protected] 1-800-603-3138 (TD Hotline) 18. QUESTIONS??

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