2015 Rugby World Cup Prediction Game

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1. Heres a quick explainer of how the handicaps work for the World Cup 2. Rugby World Cup Last Man Standing What is a Rugby World Cup Last Man Standing? Prediction competition run with the 2015 Rugby World Cup Free to enter and a sponsor puts up the prize pot, OR Players pay to enter and the pot grows with each player Playing for a real cash prize at the end (and bragging rights) How does it work? Competition is hosted on a fully branded page People register to play online via email, Facebook or Twitter RunLastMan manages all licensing, payments (if any), communication and pays the winner at the end 3. First round of the tournament Tournament First Round: First round of the tournament is broken down into 7 rounds of last man standing Handicaps are applied to each game Players predict ONE team to win in each LMS round, taking into account the handicaps against each team Get all 7 right youre through to the next round of the competition Any of your picks lose, youre out! 4. What is 7 rounds of last man standing? Last Man Standing Format The first 40 games of the World Cup have been broken into 7 rounds of last man standing in blocks of 4-8 games In order to make the predictions more fun weve added handicaps to teams based on the level of their opposition Players pick ONE winner from each of the 7 rounds of LMS I think France will win by 25 points + so I pick them as my round 1 pick. 5. All players who picked 7 winners are through to the Finals round Predict the winners of all games Predict the winners and the score of all 4 X final matches Whoever successfully picks the most winners wins If its a tie, then the score predictions are taken into account Predict the correct score of all games to within +/- 5 points 1 competition point for getting within +/- 5 points of the home or away teams score 3 points for getting within +/- 5 points of both teams score Most points at the end wins 6. Rugby World Cup Last Man Standing Finals and Onward: Player who predicts the most game winners in finals is the champ If theres a tie, then it comes down to the points attained from the correct score predictions No winner in the quarters? It continues into the semis and the Final until there is one 7. How do I run one? To hear more about how our Rugby World Cup prediction game can help your brand or charity get in touch: Hello@runlastman.com 012938827 02071935001