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Black Panther

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    Kotsubinskiy LevSchool 31 8-th form Murmansk

  • His childhood I want to tell you about my father. His name is Kotsubinskiy German. He was born in Petrazovodsk in 1973. In 1982 he and his parents moved to Murmansk. Once being a child he saw the boys playing football in the yard. He wanted to play it, too. Since then football has become his favorite game.

  • Black Panther In 1983 he began to attend football sports school. And by the age of 14 he had played in Murmansk football club as a goalkeeper. The color of his sports form was black thats why his nickname was Black Panther. Besides he played very good and could catch any ball.

  • Newspaper Article

    He played a lot and won a lot. He was a champion of the city and region. He was a goalkeeper in a famous football club Sever. He and his football club were written about in our local newspapers.

  • Today he works in Sever as a coach and trains boys.

  • Maybe some of them will be the champions like my father.