Chilean Women Win Homeless World Cup

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  1. 1. Chilean Women WinHomeless World CupCharles Aliahmed
  2. 2. ChileanWomen WinHomelessWorld Cup Charles Aliahmed serves as chief executive officer of QuestFinancial Services in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan, and as ownerand president of Quest Solutions, Inc. In addition to overseeingactivities at his financial businesses, Charles Aliahmed is thefounder of Aliahmad Technology. He supports various charitableorganizations and the Homeless World Cup.
  3. 3. ChileanWomen WinHomelessWorld Cup The Chilean womens soccer team recently defeated Mexico in thefinals of the Homeless World Cup, an international event thatutilizes sports as a tool for personal growth and globalcommunication in the fight against poverty and homelessness.Chile hosted the 2014 tournament, and the women's teamperformed impressively throughout the opening rounds against afew of the 12 nations fielding womens teams. Led by captainDenise Silva, who scored the game winning goal, Chile took thetense final with a score of 4-3.
  4. 4. ChileanWomen WinHomelessWorld Cup The Homeless World Cup serves as the grand finale to a year-longcollection of street soccer programs spread out all over the world.More than 70 countries and 100,000 people take part in streetsoccer games every year. The games offer underservedcommunities a positive source of community interaction andempowerment.