Long Island Showcase Teams In New York

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  • Lacrosse is a wonderful team sports that

    is played between two teams by using a

    small ball, made of rubber and a long-

    handled stick, which is known as crosse

    or Lacrosse.

    The sport gets its name from the stick

    used by the players. Often considered as

    a rough sport, it is believed to have been

    originated in Native America where it

    was played by the Iroquois people, who

    now inhabit in New York, Pennsylvania

    and other regions in Northern USA.

    Over the years, the game has been developed and there are many institutions that offer quality

    Lacrosse training and coaching to all enthusiastic players.

    365Lax is one such Lacrosse academy that focuses on providing with all requisite measures and

    equipments that would help the players to grow diligently and learn the game efficiently.

    The company was founded in the year 2008 and since then it has been offering services to

    players, regardless of age, merit and


    The Long Island Showcase Teams

    are specifically designed for the high

    school players who look forward to

    play at the next level.

    The players who stand capable to

    play at the collegiate level and attend

    College Recruiting Showcases are

    chosen for the advanced level of the



  • Through the showcase teams, the players get massive exposure and access top opportunities to

    get recruited. Overall, 60 players are selected to play in front of colleges and universities at

    these showcases.

    The lacrosse players receive good instruction and guidance from their trainers. The company

    arranges for Private Lacrosse Lessons for the students who wish to avail these lessons

    individually or in groups.

    These sessions are offered for one

    hour where the players are free to

    choose the subject and the trainers

    execute their guidance skills in the

    best way possible. In small groups,

    two to five players can attend one

    particular session.

    The long island lacrosse club is well

    equipped with all equipments and

    accessories that are essential for this


    The club has been producing stalwart players, since last few years. It offers favorable

    environment and potential trainers to help the players grab the game and play it better.

    The club accounts for all amenities and services that players might require. It pertains to good

    standard and quality.

    To sum up, the company is remarkable in offering lacrosse services and is committed to improve

    the game constantly.

    Contact Detail:

    Website: www.365lax.com

    Address: 320 Broadway, Bethpage

    NY 11714, USA

    Phone: 1-516-603-7300

    E-mail: info@365lax.com