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This is the power point presentation for Lillian Platt-Heyden and her pursuit of a professional tennis career.

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  • 1. I am going to win the US Open. Presentation on: Lillian Platt-Heyden September 2008 ANNOUNCEMENT: As of September 1st, 2008, Lillian has been accepted into Justine Henins 6th Sense Tennis Academy, located in Orlando, FL!

2. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream About Me. Name:Lillian Platt-HeydenDOB:October 11th, 1993Place of Birth:Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPresent address:Manhattan, New York CityPhone:917-287-2522 or 646-267-0417E-mail: [email_address] Time playing tennis:Approximately one yearRanking:108 in New York Eastern Present Home Club:Gilad Bloom tennis New York CityGame style:very athletic, great serve mechanics, strong and powerful. Right Handed 3. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream Rankings. Lillian is ranked 108 in Eastern.Lillian Has not played many tournaments as Lillian has been playing tennis for only about one year. Focus has been on practice and development. She has had some good victories over well established players. 4. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream Rankings. 5. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream My Story. Lillian was born in Pittsburgh, PA. on October 11th,1993. Her mother, Frances Platt, led a very active and athletic childhood and participated in many sports until she was victimized by an allergic reaction to prescribed medication after a simple tonsillectomy. Frances' allergic reaction resulted in end stage renal (kidney) failure at the age of 14. For 26 years Lillian's mother fought to stay alive, through two major two kidney transplant operations and continuous dialysis.A year after Frances first kidney transplant, Lillian was born a healthy and active child.During the next 13 years, Lillian's mother had her second transplant and continued her battle with kidney failure.Lillian had just turned 13, when much to her sadness, her mother lost her long battle and passed away in November of 2006.Lillian was a constant companion and a witness to the determination, strength and courage, that her mother possessed.These childhood experiences forced Lillian to mature beyond her years and her mother's determination, courage, and spirit, have become an integral part of Lillian's character. 6. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream My Story. Lillian's dad, Barry Heyden, is very athletic and Lillian has been blessed with the same physical attributes of power, speed, handeye coordination, broad base and shoulders. Barry introduced Lillian to baseball, the field in which he specialized in,and would have her hit and throw baseballs. As a young child Lillian hit many baseballs in which her father says "she never missed a ball". Many say that this has helped her develop naturally good serve mechanics,which are hard for a female to develop. Lillian and her father also did many other athletic things together, such as sprinting, hiking, and biking . 7. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream A Pro is born. At the age of 10, Lillians father introduced Lillian to tennis.He took her to the Pen Pilot in New Haven, CT and this is when the dream of becoming a professional tennis player began. Her father did not know much about tennis, but he did his best by telling Lillian to hit the ball as hard as she could on strokes and serves.Barry knew that the development of "fast twitch muscles were important. She spent time with her father that summer hitting balls on the court and smashing it as far as she could in the fields. 8. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream My Development. Lillian had some tennis lessons for a short period of time from the ages of 10 through 11, until her mother was overcome by the challenging fight with renal failure and hopes of receiving a transplant. During this period of time Lillian cared for her mother and was unable to play tennis for close to two years. Lillian was with her mother throughout this battle until she passed.After the death of her mother in Pittsburgh, Lillian moved to New York City to live with her father and adjusted to the loss of her mother and her new life in the city.Lillian excelled in school and after a few months she decided to resume her pursuit of becoming a professional tennis player. 9. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream My Development. Lillian started playing sporadically in April 2007 at the Harlem Tennis Academy.In October 2007 Gilad Bloom took a liking to Lillian and noticed the athletic talents and "coachability" that Lillian possessed and he became her predominant coach.Since then, Lillian became enrolled in Gilad Blooms program full-time and her development accelerated tremendously in a short period of time. Lillian Platt-Heyden has been playing in my junior tennis program since October 2007; she has made giant strides in her tennis game over the last year. Her work habits and athletic ability are carrying her game to new heights as she is on her way to becoming an established player.Lillian has been a pleasure to work with; she is very disciplined and displays a great attitude, always giving 100% of herself. She is a very social person and seems to enjoy the work on the court and spending time with other young people. She is an asset to any tennis program and it is very rewarding to work with her as she definitely raises the level of my tennis program with her dedication and positive approach. Please contact me if you have any other questions.-Gilad Bloom, President I have known Lillian since the beginning of the summer and had the pleasure to coach her. Lillian is a very ambitious girl, working really hard on the court, talented, and hungry to learn and execute. When I saw her playing at the beginning of the summer, I thought that it is amazing that she is playing for only 8 months, but in the end of the summer I can say that she improved a lot and I am not surprised how fast she is improving with the hard work she puts in to it.I believe in Lillian, I wish her success and happiness. And good luck!! Ravid HazUniversity of Arizona Tennis Player, also Coach at Gilad Bloom Tennis Academy. People have been amazed at how quickly she has developed in tennis, with much thanks to Gilad Bloom. 10. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream Training. After only about a year in training, Lillian has competed in Level 1 Eastern tournaments, Florida Super Series and has had good success against long standing great players. Lillian has also won a few tournaments in Florida and in New York.Her match scores presently equal the match scores in the Gilad Bloom tennis group, which has top ranked female and male players. Lillian has trained 5-6 times per week this summer and has attended a tennis academy in Naples, Florida for a 1 week evaluation. The program offered her a reduction in the yearly rate, in exchange for a percentage of her future earnings. 11. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream Funding. Lillian and her father want to make sure Lillian is in the right program in which she can continue to grow and flourish in her passion for tennis. Tennis is a very expensive sport to train in. Schooling, competing, and travel are also expensive. Lillian's father is trying very hard to fund the pursuit of her dream with limited financial resources.Lillian's father has sought outside advice and opinions from others. The praise and positive comments inspire her father to continue finding a way for Lillian to pursue her dream. 12. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream Funding. Now at the age of 14 and working hard, Lillian is ready to take her game to a higher level and to be in the right environment for serious tennis training.Her father is trying to raise the funding for Lillian to train and participate in international and national tournaments. In order for Lillian to pursue her dream, the costs of full-time academy coaching, online-schooling, tutoring, travel, equipment, food and other related expenses have to be raised. Raising approximately $70,000 per year for the next 3-4 years would accomplish this. 13. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream Funding.

  • Breakdown of Funding Per Year:
  • Tennis Academy: $43,000.00
  • Coaching: $10,000.00
  • Travel: $ 0 8,000.00
  • Schooling: $ 0 3,000.00
  • Equipment:$ 0 2,500.00
  • TOTAL: $66,500.00
  • Minus fathers funding -$15,000.00

14. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream Sponsorship. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated and helpful. A monthly website and newsletter will be available for those who wish to view Lillian's progress. All parties who support this dream through contributions will be acknowledged on Lillians website, unless they choose to remain anonymous. Lillian knows that only through hard work and dedication will her dream become a reality.Pleaseclick here to contribute. 15. The Pursuit of a Tennis Dream Thank You. Thank you for taking the time to view this presentation.Your time is much appreciated.Barry and Lillian