Top 10 Tips for Swim Meet Nutrition

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Top 10 tips for an swimmer to use to maximize performance.


  • 1. Top 10 Tips for Swim Meet Nutrition Jennifer ODonnell-Giles MS, RD, CSSD

2. 1. PLAN AHEAD Swim meets are notorious for unhealthy concession options Do not go to a competition without a cooler filled with healthy snack options 3. 2. ENSURE SUFFICIENT ENERGY STORAGE Three to four days before competition add per day: 1 to 2 servings of carbohydrate 1 serving of protein 1 serving of good fat Additional energy intake will facilitate glycogen and protein storage and minimize inflammation 4. 3. KEEP IT SIMPLE The meal you consume 24 hours before competition day is the most important Keep the meals small and frequent Choose foods that you normally eat Avoid any irritating or spicy foods 5. 4. FOCUS ON NUTRIENT TIMING Consume a balanced mini meal 3-4 hours before competition Your meal should include: Complex carbohydrates Lean protein Moderate fat Sodium 6. 5. STAY HYDRATED Drink water frequently to maintain adequate hydration status Remember, when your body is only 1% dehydrated your speed and endurance will be drastically impaired 7. 6. REPLACE AND REPLENISH YOUR ELECTROLYTES Electrolytes that play a role in hydration: Sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium Zym tablets, Gu Brew tablets, or Nuun tablets 8. 7. FUEL DURING THE EVENT Consume a small performance enhancing snack 30 to 40 minutes before your first event and after each event 9. 8. STICK WITH LIQUIDS Liquids are quickly absorbed and are great snacks to avoid GI distress Choose one of these snacks: Chocolate milk Smoothie Yogurt 10. 9. RECOVER AND REFUEL Consume a recovery snack that is high in carbohydrates and protein within 20 minutes of your final event 11. 10. REHYDRATE After competition, sip on water every 10-20 minutes for the remainder of the day 12. #myswimmersnutrition