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1. Water Sports in Thailand: One of the Best Things to Do in Your Vacations Thailand is one of the ideal spots to enjoy without any second thought. The place has a number of tourist destinations. But, the major things, for which they have gained the fame, are the water sports. Thailand has all the arrangements of the water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing. Moreover, one can also enjoy yachting and sailing there. A number of travel agents are offering the trips to Thailand. Many of these agents offer their services on their website and you can also know about plongee Thailande prix (diving Thailand price) on these internet sites. Similarly, the prices for having fun with other water sports are also available at these places. Complete fun of diving as-well-as other water sports can be enjoyed at that place. There are a number of places in Thailand, where I got this amazing fun. But, there is no doubt that Phuket is most popular in this regard. Phuket An amazing place for diving and other water sports Phuket is the place, around which a number of islands are located. These islands are best for scuba diving and many other water sports. Phi Phi Islands, Similan Islands, Andaman Sea and there are many other places, where you can have fun with these sports. First, you get the fun with scuba diving, the most popular water sport. All the equipments of diving are available there. Liveaboard diving is also an amazing experience. You live on the cruise for one or more days and get the experience of soothing bounty of nature. When you dive inside the water, you experience different types of aquatic creatures. In this way, you witness another face of nature. Surfing with stand up paddle Thailand is another interesting thing to do. In this, you not only enjoy the adventure, but also get the experience of floating under the beauty of nature. Snorkeling this is another experience that can be acquired at these places. In the snorkeling, you go inside the water but stay near the surface of water unlike diving, in which you go inside very deep. In this also, you get the experience of marine life inside the water. Yachting and sailing also remain an attraction here, and enjoying boating here is itself and amazing experience.