5 Essential Tips to Design an SEO Friendly Website

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5 Essential Tips to Design an SEO Friendly Website.


  • 1. These days it is not just enough to make a beautiful, and functional website Your website must be SEO friendly to get optimal ranking on in search results.
  • 2. SEO is a series of steps SEO is an importantthat you take in order to function of Online ensure your website is marketing foralways in the top results organizations. in search engines.
  • 3. KeywordsKeyword PlacementSEO friendly NavigationURLs & FilenameSocial Media
  • 4. Set business Objectives Prepare a list of Potential Keywords Build pages targeting specific keywords Insert 3-4 keywords per page
  • 5. Ideal Places to insert Keywords: Title tag Meta description and keywords H1, H2 and H3 tags Title attribute on links Internal links Footer links URLs
  • 6. Build a structure that search engines can follow Ensure links and buttons are text-based Use advanced scripting languages
  • 7. Use keyword rich URLs Use descriptive keywords for imageshttp://www.net4.in/net4app/item1?=201 93http://www.net4.in/net4app/aspx/doma ins/searchDomain.aspx
  • 8. Build trust and get exposure Build relationships with customers Use Social Media for Link building
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