A Deep Dive Into ViewPager

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from the AnDevCon Boston 2013 conference


  • 1.Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCA Deep Dive IntoViewPagerAnDevCon Boston 2013

2. Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCGetting Horizontal Classic Android UX Focused on vertical scrolling in conventionalapps Now Presenting: Matias Duarte Hired by Google away from Palm/WebOS Re-emphasized horizontal swiping as a patternfor moving between peer content 3. Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCEnter the Protagonist, Stage Left ViewPager: Leading Horizontal SwipeSolution Ships with Android Support package Not a backport! Works a Bit Like a ListView You supply an adapter, which supplies pages ViewPager shows current page User horizontal swipes to move back and forthbetween pages 4. Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCTheViewPager Recipe Add a ViewPager to your activity layout Create a PagerAdapter Typical: FragmentPagerAdapter orFragmentStatePagerAdapter Extend, override getCount() andgetItem() Attach the PagerAdapter to theViewPager via setAdapter() 5. Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCWhere We At? Indicators: PagerTitleStrip, PagerTabStrip Supplied with Android Support package Add as child ofViewPager Set android:layout_gravity to be top 6. Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCWhere We At: Wharton Style ViewPagerIndicator Library of indicators Add as siblings ofViewPager E.g., stacked in vertical LinearLayout Connect toViewPager in Java code 7. Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCViewPager: Not Perfect Cannot Easily Be Used In a Fragment Nested fragments possible but a bit tricky Requires Android 4.2 or Android Supportpackage MinimumThree Pages Loaded Make sure your pages are fast to be created More likely to be trouble since larger thanListView rows or other AdapterViewscenarios 8. Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCLights Bar! Camera Bar! Action Bar! Fragment Pages and the Action Bar Standard Fragment/Action Bar Recipe setHasOptionsMenu(true) onCreateOptionsMenu() onOptionsItemSelected() As pages are swiped, action bar items areadded/removed 9. Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCIts Scrolling, AllThe Way Down Handling Scrollable Page Content SubclassViewPager Override canScroll() Return true if the designated content could bescrolled, false otherwise Touch point and scroll delta supplied, in case youneed it (e.g., bezel swiping) 10. Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCN-Up Printing (Without the Printing Part) Showing Multiple Pages at Once Implement getPageWidth() on yourPagerAdapter Returns float indicating amount of pager space todevote to this page (e.g., 0.5f) May wish to callsetOffscreenPageLimit() onViewPagerto raise number of cached pages 11. Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCPlume: A Column of Smoke Pages on Phones, Columns onTablets Devise proper layouts for the screen sizes If you have aViewPager, give it the adapter If you do not have aViewPager: Use static fragments, or Use the adapter to give you fragments for slots Limitation: same basic structure in allconfigurations (cannot deal with change) 12. Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCI Can Haz Better Adapter? FragmentPagerAdapter andFragmentStatePagerAdapter are nice but notperfect Limitations UsingViewPager in some configurations, but notall Adding/removing/reordering pages 13. Copyright 2013 CommonsWare, LLCSpeaker ContactInformationSource Code