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  • 1. The ultimate guide to. Michael Litman February 2012
  • 2. ContentsWhat Im going to cover. How the idea came about Whats the big deal? Stats, facts and demographics Getting started What are people pinning? Its not just imagery Some of the more unusual uses What else can I do? Which brands are using it? How are they? Pinning on the move Extending the experience off platform Key take-outs Contact
  • 3. How the idea came aboutAnd why Pinterest now exists."I was always collecting images on theweb in folders on the desktop of mycomputer, but it wasnt a very goodsystem for remembering where thingscame from or who made them.We wanted to create a place where youcan go to upload or collect things on theweb and simply organize it the way youwant to.Evan Sharp, Pinterest Co-Founder and Designer
  • 4. Sounds good. So what is it?And what can I do on Pinterest? Pinterest is a content curation platform which allows users to organize and share beautiful and interesting content they find on the web. Think of it as a bookmarking site, a social network, a gift finder and a platform for collaboration all rolled in to one. Content is organised in Boards that work as categories. Each piece of content is called a Pin (see right). People can like your pins or they can repin them on to their boards, comment on them and share on Facebook and Twitter. You can follow people and they can follow you. Or you can just follow a particular board of theirs rather than following all back.
  • 5. But dont just take my word for it. 5
  • 6. It became the fastest website ever to hit 10m unique usersAnd lets not forget, it still remains invite only.
  • 7. Ok, I get it. But whats the big deal?And its only just starting to explode.
  • 8. Ok, I get it. But whats the big deal?Some of the headlines.17-Feb-12
  • 9. Pinterest is driving more referral traffic than.YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Reddit combined!
  • 10. And more time is already spent on it than many of the big playersAccording to research from Comscore. Source: RJ Metrics
  • 11. Who are the industries driving the most traffic to Pinterest?Top 5: Social, search, entertainment, shopping and lifestyle. Source: Hitwise
  • 12. What about user demographics?Who use it, where are they from and what are they using it for?
  • 13. Where are they from?Comparing US to UK. USA United 12,000,000 Kingdom Unique Users 200,000 Unique Users Source: visual.ly
  • 14. Who is using it? Comparing the US to UKMostly female in the US but its a different story in the UK. Source: visual.ly
  • 15. How old are they?An older audience than youd think. Largely 25-44 years old. Source: visual.ly
  • 16. What are they interested in?Comparing US to the UK. Source: visual.ly
  • 17. UK users are more business centric (and cash rich)Significantly more so when compared to USA user data. Source: visual.ly
  • 18. How are people pinning?Largely through repinning others content, followed by through the browser button. Pins by Method Source: RJ Metrics
  • 19. Ive seen enough stats, how do I get started?
  • 20. Well, its still invite onlySo you need someone to hook you up.
  • 21. What does a user profile look like?Your boards are of all the things that (P)interest you.
  • 22. What are people pinning?Everything from.
  • 23. What are people pinning?To Nathan and Mikinzie noting recipes they want to try.
  • 24. What are people pinning?To places Rose wants to visit around the world.
  • 25. What are people pinning?To inspiration for the home by Anna.
  • 26. What are people pinning?To what magazine covers Andrea likes the best.
  • 27. What are people pinning?To cool furniture that Rosie has found on the web.
  • 28. What are people pinning?To what are Ben and his friends favourite iPhone apps.
  • 29. What are people pinning?To the books that Justin likes the most.
  • 30. But its not just imageryYou can pin video too.
  • 31. And theres a video section on the homepageSo you can check them all out there.
  • 32. You could even use it for your CVNow theres a novel approach to getting hired.
  • 33. Or to adopt a dogBut maybe cats are more your thing? Worry not.
  • 34. Or even find out which animals are endangeredRaising awareness and knowledge about wildlife.
  • 35. And even Zuck just signed upTo have a harmless nose about.?Source: visual.ly
  • 36. Alright, alright. I get it.What else is there? (Youre hard to please arent you).
  • 37. Create a collaborative boardWhere you and