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<p>OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: Insufficient space for shared memory file: 28152Try using the option to select an alternate temp location.</p> <p>Diapositiva 1</p> <p>Android Wifi Tablets Buy Today</p> <p>www.time2.coThe market of tablets is ripe and you have a variety of them to choose from. So, if you are willing to buy a tablet then you have many options. Out of the clutter of the tablet market though, the android tablets 2.3 are really good ones. These tablets are a clear combination of good design and good features at real good prices. Even the android based tablets are available in different brands, but do not just go for any cheap android based tablet because there are many issues related to the cheaper ones, because these might have the older versions of hardware. </p> <p>If you have the tablet with the latest hardware your tablet is sure to have a long life because it will receive regular updates. Also the most important part of the tablet is its processor when it comes to speed. Do check out whether the processor is single core, dual core, or quad core. Even the clock speed is important because a dual core running at 1.2GHz, will perform much better than the single core processor running at 800MHz. </p> <p>Another important factor is the size and weight of the tablet. The smaller and the lighter, the better. The smaller ones are really compact and come in screen sizes like 7 inches and can easily be carried in a purse or a pouch also. Lighter weight usually helps when you have to hold the tablet for a longer time in your hand. Though tablets are available in 10inch size also, but these are less portable as compared to the 7 inch ones. Though you can have a 10 inch screen size also, if you are not going to carry it much. Also, the storage capacity is another other important point to be taken into consideration. If you need to store lot of files and all then go for a higher storage capacity. But, if not required you can save quite a lot of money if you go for a tabloid with a lesser storage size. </p> <p>Thank YouVisit</p>