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The best iPhone applications related to Christmas festival which includes fun, chat, music, reminders and other apps in this festive season.


  • 1. Best Christmas Apps For iPhone
  • 2. Santa's Christmas Village All round app with total package of games, music and entertainment More than 17 games of puzzles, cards like solitaire, Checkers, Sudoku and others Special attractions for children with extraordinary graphics Make your Christmas celebration more enjoyable with Santas Christmas Village
  • 3. Christmas Tree Best decorating tools for Christmas trees available Add-ons like gifts and Santa clause also in the cart of the app Music, Videos and sharing enabled to greet your near and dear once
  • 4. Christmas Radio Includes transmissions from more than 30000 radio stations Enhanced music quality with 3G enabled Searching each and every station just by a single keyword
  • 5. Santa's Bag Christmas is the festival that requires shopping and decorations Maintaining budget allocations by adding specific essentials to your cart Arranging gifts and spending money on kids is peculiarly shown in Santas bag
  • 6. Christmas Music The most popular app that gets updated every year Wide range of tunes, ringtones and music anthems inbuilt Same songs with varied interpretation makes it more interesting Makes your festival musical
  • 7. Letters to Santa Claus Specially designed for kids to make their dreams alive Writing letter to Santa for getting gifts as per your wish Paid app with fascinating tools that can be sent along with letter
  • 8. Santa Booth Best app to make your own photos with Santa Share immediately adding all the features you want to add in image Also convert your near and dear ones into Santa Clause
  • 9. The Christmas List Jot down the best things you want to shop this Christmas Gives list and items that are affordable to you Saving large amount is possible for merely 0.99$ of app cost
  • 10. Appy Christmas Funny app that makes you geared up with entertainment Santa imitates you in funny voices in whatever you speak You can play with him by fighting, stroking and watch the reactions
  • 11. Christmas Songs, Music and Carols Great themes and ringtones related to Christmas celebrations All the songs are fully accessible once app is downloaded even if no internet connection
  • 12. Christmas Countdown Countdown clock in your iPhone informs exact time remaining for Christmas Easily sharable on all social networks to your fellow mates Gives precise timing in hours, minutes and seconds
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