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I've put together this little list of apps that I feel have made a positive difference to my children's life's.

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  • 1. Hi there.This is George here and my kids andmyself are a little addicted to playinggames. Not just any games but ones thatengage our imagination and somehowmake us a better person.So Ive put together this little list of appsthat I feel have made a positivedifference to my childrens lifes. Andmaking them more happier. This is atricky thing because most games are justescapism and entertainment.

2. 1. Best apps: Ourrecommendations forfamilies| CommonSense MediaIf it seems like the world of apps isoverwhelming, thats because it is! But neverfear -- our editors have combed through thethousands of apps out there to pick the best.Whether you want to teach your preschoolerthe ABCs or read a great interactive story, yes,theres an app for that. 3. 2. Best Kids Apps | iPhone,iPad, Android | Toddlers,Educational, GamesA review blog for parents who wantto find the best childrens iPhone,iPad, and Android apps withoutslogging through the entireinternet. A lot of app reviews arewritten by gamers. These arewritten by moms. 4. 3. Best iPhone Apps forKids - Free iPhone Apps forKids - Parenting.comStuck in line at the grocerystore? Entertain little oneswith these free (or cheap)iPhone apps and games,perfect for toddlers,preschoolers, and big kids. 5. 4. Best Kids Apps |Appy ReviewsHere at Appy Reviews we areReviewing the Best Apps Daily, tomake your job in finding great appseasier.Our team are a bunch of passionateapp grovsters. We not only play withapps, we love talking about them. 6. 5. Best Apps for Kids : reviews,news and promo codes foriPhone / iPad / iPod appsThis blog is started to helpparents find the best apps forkids. Whether you have aniPhone, iPod Touch, or the newiPad you will find that kids taketo iPhone apps like a duck towater. 7. 6. The 50 best apps forchildren | Technology |The ObserverAdults are starting to trust theirkids with their smartphones, butcan children trust the grown-upsto download the best apps? StuartDredge picks the apps designedto get the kids learning, creatingand playing 8. 7. WeWantApps!: Findingthe best kids Apps foriPhone and iPad!No more endless scrollingthrough hundreds of Apps;with WeWantApps! findingexactly what youre lookingfor has never been easier! 9. 8. Kid Picks | TIMEs 25Best Gaming andEducation iPad Apps forKids | TIME.comTop 25 iPad Apps for KidsThe best in gaming, books,art, music and education, allat their fingertips 10. 9. Apps4Kids Best apps for kidsApps4Kids goal is to be a bridgefrom developers to parents andeducators and help new andgreat apps for kids come to light.We focus on the newest and mostinteresting apps right when theyare just released. 11. 10.iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad KidsApplication ListiPhone Application List is aniPhone app review site where youcan find iPhone apps, iPhone appreviews and ratings, app videosand leave your comments on the 12. 11.10 best freeAndroid apps forkids | TechRadar10 best free Android apps forkids - Child-friendly Androidapps for your tablet or phone.Buying advice from theleading technology site 13. 1. Peek a ZooPlay Peek-a-Zoo where animals aredancing, eating, wagging their tails,wearing sunglasses, sleeping, andmuch more! Designed for toddlers,Peek-a-Zoo presents a differentquestion on each page and asks thechild to identify a certain animal oraction. 14. 2. Directors Chair - Make a Movie AppUse your creativity and createyour own blockbuster movie!You choose the storyline, youchoose the cast, you choose thelocation and most importantly youchoose the ending! 15. 3. Toontastic - Play,Create, Learn onthe iPad!Creating cartoons withToontastic is as easy as puttingon a puppet show - simply pressthe record button and tell yourstories through play! Once youredone, share your cartoons withfriends & family around the 16. 4. Felix has Feelings| Teaching Kidsabout EmotionsHave fun with Felixlearning aboutdifferent emotions 17. 5. COLORAMA Kids ColoringBook AppColorama is a fun animated coloring bookapp for all ages. Vibrant colors and funnyillustrations keep you smiling. Nurture yourchilds artistic talent, and keep them busywith positive and productive activity. Theintuitive and friendly touch-sensitiveinterface is easy to pick up for all ages, inany language. 18. 6. Help the BoredElephant findhis FriendsThe elephant is very bored.So what can the elephant do,to longer be bored? Find hisfriends! This is a funadventure in search for theelephants friends. 19. 7. Max and the Magic MarkerMax & the Magic Marker is a physicsbased 2D puzzle platformer, in which theplayer controls the boy Max and hisMagic Marker. While Max enables goodold platforming fun, the marker providesthe games signature feature: the abilityfor the player to draw directly inside thegame world where everything drawnbecomes physical objects. 20. 8. Mary Had aLittle LambNursery Rhyme |Kids Happy AppsInteractive sing-along based on thepopular nursery rhyme Mary Had ALittle Lamb. Sing, explore, touch,and learn.To suit very young children, this appdoes not contain complexanimations or games. 21. 9. Fruit Ninja The greatest fruit-slicing game in the world!Fruit Ninja is a juicy action gameenjoyed by millions of playersaround the world, with squishy,splatty and satisfying fruitcarnage! Become the ultimatebringer of sweet, tastydestruction with every slash. 22. 10.Pictureka byHasbro GamesFIND IT FAST, FIND IT FIRST!Spot and tap objects hiddenwithin pictures crammed withcrazy cartoons just like theoriginal board game!Delve into the ALL-NEWAdventure Mode. 23. 11.Toca Hair Salon by Toca BocaLet your kids run their own TocaHair Salon! Cut, colour, comb,shave and blow-dry lifelike hair onsix different cute characters.Using your fingers, you can makejust about any hair style you want! 24. 12.Trucks by Duck Duck MooseWelcome to Trucks! Trucksincludes 5 different activities: Soapand rinse a car in a carwash, drivea garbage truck, tow a car with atow truck and fix a flat tire, dumpdirt with a dump truck, and playwith a car and truck parade. 25. 13.Cut the RopeCut the rope to feed candy to littlemonster Om Nom! 250 milliondownloads around the world of thisphenomenal puzzle game. 350levels and more to come!A mysterious package has arrived, and thelittle monster inside has only one requestCANDY! Collect gold stars, discover hiddenprizes and unlock exciting new levels in thisaddictively fun, award-winning, physics-basedgame! 26. 14.Hugless Douglas by David MellingJoin Douglas on his search for theperfect hug in this exciting new appwith animations, sound effects andmusic.When Douglas, a huggable lovablebear, wakes up one morning in needof a hug, he goes to try and find onebut none of them seem quite right. 27. 15.Stack theStatesStack the States makes learning about the50 states fun! Watch the states actually cometo life in this colorful and dynamic game!As you learn state capitals, shapes,geographic locations, flags and more, you canactually touch, move and drop the animatedstates anywhere on the screen. Carefullybuild a stack of states that reaches thecheckered line to win each level.

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