Building Modern Web Apps with WebObjects

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  • WEBOBJECTSBuild modern web 2.0 enterprise class web apps, fast and easy.

  • WebObjects ?

    Why re-invent the wheel?

    Proven technology, it can handle the load

    Its Java like you know it but not quite (forget EJB and Struts)

    Stupid Apple, its Mac only (what about Linux and the other one)

    But no one uses WebObjects do they?

    And isnt Ruby on Rails what the cool kids use?

  • What is WebObjects?

    Like Cocoa & Core Data for the Web

    EOF - Database Abstraction, no SQL nescessary!

    Component Based / MVC design

    Reuse popular Java libraries (JavaMail, FlickrJ)

  • What is WebObjects?

    Easily work with state and sessions, its all built in

    Real IDE (Eclipse/WOLips) not just TextMate

    Project Wonder - A Massive Open Source extension to WO

    Supportive and active User community

    Massively Scalable! (it runs iTunes)

  • Modern Web 2.0 Apps

  • DEMO

    Tutorial on how to build a small Ajax app with Wonder/WebObjects

  • Go build a great Web App!

    Install today and get going (but dont use the Xcode install)

    Youll need Eclipse/WOLips go read the install guide

    Watch the Screencasts in iTunes

    Join the mailing lists

    Check out