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  1. 1. CAPTIONS PROJECT Drishti Sachdeva 2A Covered area: B-hall and the upper B-hall
  2. 2. DABBING IN ESPAOL Everyone in Senora Morales class comes together to click a groupe.They dabbed for the picture going for the street theme during their 3 minute brain break. One of the students, freshman Nick Early( left of teacher) states his opinions regarding the class Its pretty good; great teacher. She gives us some time off every now and then and we have great talks with her.
  3. 3. BONJOUR A+ Junior Randy Brooks prepares for the upcoming test in Mrs Salazars French class. She revised her is verbs and made sure that she fully understands the concept of conjugating verbs.French class helps me learn about other parts of the world and I get to see what kind of culture and traditions they have.says Randy
  4. 4. DEDICATEDTO SPANISH Studying intently for an upcoming quiz in Mr. Rojas spanish class, freshman Tiffany Raj passes it with ying colors. She was dedicated towards learning prepositions and their pronunciations.Its fun learning the language of spanish and the diverse culture says Tiffany.
  5. 5. SCIENCE FEVER Junior Valerie Bennett puts all her concentration into completing the assigned task in her Earth, Space and Science class. She took a walk down memory lane to remember the details of the previously learned lesson about economics to nish her daily grade assignment.I like this class because it has a different learning environment and isnt like the other structured classes saysValerie.
  6. 6. NO MORE DOUBTS Freshman Abbie Stracher clears a doubt from Seora Morales in her second period class. Her question was regarding the correct pronunciation of las escalares which means the stairs and the usage of denitive articles.Its so much fun to learn about the Spanish language and culture from someone who has experienced it rsthand says Abbie.
  7. 7. INSIDE ATEACHERS MIND Mr Rojas talks about the importance of knowing a second language before resuming the lesson of prepositions.He informed the students about how helpful it would be later in life and would look good in their college applications. Im learning from my students too, I make mistakes every once in a while and learn from them, just like the students. says Mr Rojas
  8. 8. LOST INTHE WORLD OF SPANISH Freshmen Alex Xavier Cantu-neri jots down notes as he is eager to learn spanish prepositions in Mrs. Morales class.They were paying attention and nishing assignments prepared by the teacher.The best thing about this class is the environment;we have time to study and we have time to relax and have fun. says Alex.
  9. 9. SCIENTISTS INTHE MAKING Students in Coach Steeles Earth,Space and Science have a long discussion while the lesson taught was still fresh in their minds.The discussion included students clarifying their doubts and helping each other grasp the concept more strongly. Its a great class says junior Jailen Robinson I have learned a lot about science, economics and how they interact and impact our life.
  10. 10. A LEADERS SMILE Chilling out in Teen Leadership 2, Sanjana Duddupudi jams out to her favorite song.They were having a brain break and were having an exciting discussion about the trip they had taken the day before, to meet senior citizens. Duddupudi this is a very enjoyable class, it helps in attaining leadership skills and you get to interact with different people. says Sanjana
  11. 11. LOTS OF SPANISH Freshman Kevin Novas poses for the camera in Mrs Morales Spanish 1 class. He diverted his attention from the ongoing vocabulary lesson on furniture, houses and prepositions.I get pretty good grades and the teacher makes us do many educational activities which makes it fun.
  12. 12. I KNOWTHE ANSWER Freshman SidneyYoung volunteers to answer an question that is sure to be on the test in Mrs. Michells spanish class. She used the denitive verb correctly, included conjugation of an innite verb along with a preposition; the same format will be needed in order to get full marks on the test. I like learning foreign languages, especially Spanish. said Sidney Its an important language because of the growing population of South American countries and I speak it when I go on vacations.
  13. 13. Keep Calm and Learn Spanish Senora Morales talks about articles, verbs and house-related vocabulary. She makes student repeat the words after her several times as to help them pronounce it correctly and also helps them memorize it. It's very important to have a second language as a part of your education to help you later in life. It helps you learn different cultures and expand your knowledge span. Says Mrs Morales.
  14. 14. SMILING FORTHE CAMERA JerenVernon smiles for the camera during the brain break in Mrs Morales class.He chilled out after playing a lot of educational activities.
  15. 15. HEYTHERE
  16. 16. THANKYOU