Child Themes, Starter Themes, and Frameworks... Oh My!

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Text of Child Themes, Starter Themes, and Frameworks... Oh My!


2. Dont hack core.(or themes)WORDPRESS WISDOM 3. Do you do custom theme development?PROSPECT IVE CL IENT 4. F I R S T SOME DEFINITIONS - MYDEFINITIONS 5. FRAMEWORK ...a drop-in code libraryused to facilitatedevelopment of a themeA front-end web developmentframework is simply acollection of productionready HTML/CSS/JavaScriptcomponents that we can usein our designs. 6. CHI LD THEME Requires a parent themeHint - many WordPressframeworks are parentthemes 7. STARTERTHEME Scares the crap out ofyou 8. So how do you choose?EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM 9. It depends.EVERY DEVELOPER EVERYWHERE 10. FRAMEWORKSPROS Base CSS Grid system Responsive Classes defined Typography Defines stuff youd forgetabout Broader than WordPress 11. FRAMEWORKSCONS Not a stand-alone theme Usually included in athemes functions.php file 12. FRAMEWORKSBOOTSTRAP 13. FRAMEWORKSBOOTSTRAP 14. FRAMEWORKSFOUNDATION 15. FRAMEWORKSFRAMEWORK COMPARISON 16. CHILD THEMEPROS Quickest and easiest choice DO THIS rather than hack thetheme Parent theme can carry theweight Bork the child and the parentis OK Works immediately 80% of the work is done foryou 17. CHILD THEMECONS At the mercy of the parentthemes code Quality Security Upgrades Compatibility Not the leanest strategy 18. PARENT THEMESGENESIS 19. PARENT THEMESGENESIS 20. PARENT THEMESJUMP START 21. PARENT THEMESJUMP START 22. PARENT THEMESRESPONSIVE 23. PARENT THEMESRESPONSIVE 24. STARTER THEMEPROS You control (and areresponsible for) updates One and done Its your code Lean and mean code 25. STARTER THEMECONS You control (and areresponsible for) updates You have to build thetheme 20% of the work is done foryou 26. STARTER THEMES_S (UNDERSCORES) 27. STARTER THEMES_S (UNDERSCORES) 28. STARTER THEMES_TK 29. STARTER THEMES_TK 30. STARTER THEMESSOME LIKE IT NEAT 31. STARTER THEMESSOME LIKE IT NEAT 32. SO HOW DO YOUCHOOSE??? 33. SO HOW DO YOUCHOOSE??? 34. QUESTIONS TO ASK How will it (the site /framework / parent theme)change? Upgrades? Redesigns? Improvements? Budget? Timeframe? What will you be askingthe site to do? Heavy traffic? Heavy database use? Whos going to supportit? What are you comfortablewith? 35. So what do you recommend? A N Y O N E W H O S S T I L L W I T H M E 36. MY ADVICE Research the differencesbetween frameworks Choose one parent themeand build several childthemes on it When youre ready, find astarter theme that you likeand use it for everything 37. IN THE END, YOU HAVE TORIDE YOUR OWN RIDE 38. JUL IE@JUL IEKUEHL .COM@JUL IEKUEHLTHANKYOU!QUESTIONS?