Cloud Computing at a Glance

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CSC Cloud Computing at a glance


  • 1. CLOUDCOMPUTE A VMWARE VCLOUD DATACENTER SERVICE PRODUCTION SERVICES ON A SHARED CLOUD THE CHALLENGE secure service designed to support Today, businesses and government productions workloads CSC organizations are challenged with CloudCompute. improving performance while budgets tighten. Global competition mandates THE SOLUTION innovation at accelerated cycle times. CSC CloudCompute is a pay-as-you-go Pressures to cut capital costs, streamline service that delivers IT capacity withINFRASTRUCTURE operations and increase productivity shared or dedicated resources from CSCAS A SERVICE BUILT continue. cloud-enabled data centers or from aTO SECURELY private cloud on your premises.SUPPORT IT historically has struggled to supportPRODUCTION the business at the speed required. Now, Capable. CloudCompute combines theWORKLOADS Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivers powerful, fully integrated cloud fabric,Privateor compute, storage and network resources Vblock, with CSCs proven expertise in publicclouds when and where they are needed, and managed services and cybersecurity.Instantlyscalableup scales up or down on demand to align Vblock combines leading virtualization anddown resources with business requirements and software from VMware; unified networking, reduce waste. security and computing from Cisco; andPayforwhatyouuse storage, security and management But how do I address the security, technologies from EMC.ITresourcecharge compliance and control requirements? backcapability What about availability, resiliency and Using the same cloud fabric, architecture, service level agreements? Now business rate structure, service level and manage- and government organizations can ment options in all CSC IaaS deliveryKEY BENEFITS capture the advantages of IaaS with a provides multiple options for evolvingmprovesagility I your IT cloud strategy. byscalingon demandand expandingand contractingresources asneeded itigatesinvestment M riskandimproves ROIfornewbusiness solutions ocusesITresources F onbusinessvalue versusongoing operations reesupcapitalfor F strategicbusiness investment CloudCompute IaaS designed to support any application for any cloud deployment model
  • 2. CLOUDCOMPUTE A VMWARE VCLOUD DATACENTER SERVICE Secure. CSC off-premises public and WHATS INCLUDED private CloudCompute options are Bestperformingcloudfabric, Vblock deployed from Tier III access-controlled, hardware and hypervisor technology fault-tolerant SAS 70 Type II audited data ServiceCatalogwith easy provisioning centers. CSC CloudCompute is protected using either a pre-populated library of by CSCs holistic defense-in-depth security software templates or client-developed framework, which delivers the physical andCSC CLOUD templates logical security, access control and dataSERVICES AT integrity options needed to support Security with network intrusion detectionA GLANCE mission-critical, customer-facing and services (NIDS) monitoring and virtualApplicationCloud back-office applications. firewalls built in, plus CSCs defense-in- EnablementPacked depth security framework processtorefactor Reliable. CloudCompute is supported Billingandchargeback, usage tracking and oldmainframeand with four tiers of service: Bronze, Silver, reporting on capacity and SLA monitoring Vaxapplications Gold and Platinum*, with guarantees of toruninthecloud availability from 99 percent to OPTIONAL SUPPORT FEATURES 99.95 percent. Diskoroffsitebackup options with yourCloudLabRunyour choice of retention policy devandtestonthe Flexible. With CSC CloudCompute, you can CSCsharedcloud select from three management packages. Networkandsecuritymanagement Each package provides CSC management including antivirus, vulnerability scanning,CloudCompute of the IaaS infrastructure. host-based intrusion prevention and Productionon detection systems. theCSCsharedcloudBizCloudPrivate STANDARD ENTERPRISE ENTERPRISE PLUS cloudwhere performanceand Fully managed IaaS Fully managed IaaS Fully managed IaaS securityare Client provides OS license CSC provides OS license CSC provides OS license paramount(onsiteor CSChosted) Client provides middleware Client provides middleware CSC provides middleware and platform license and platform license and platform licenseStorageasaService- Store,Recoverand Client manages OS and CSC manages OS and CSC manages OS and Archiveservices application stack client manages application stack application stackCloudconsultancy Completecloud roadmaporphysical tovirtualmigration Let the workloads be your guide in selecting the right package and tier of service to match your application requirements.CSC COMMITTED TO YOUR SUCCESSWithmorethan50yearsofsystemintegrationexperience,weunderstandtheenterprise.Customer-centricandplatformindependent,wehelpyouselectthebesttechnology.Securityisanintegralcomponentofallourofferings,processesandsystems.Ourhighlevelofsupporthelpsyouminimizerisks.FIND OUT MORE NORTH AMERICA EMEA AUSTRALIA +1.866.255.0832 +44(0)845.602.4204 +61(0)2.9034.300 2011. Computer Sciences Corporation. All rights reserved.CSC, CSC CloudCompute, CSC BizCloud, CSC CloudLab and all CSC logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of CSC.All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.*Platinum is a future release


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