Consumer Experiences for Enterprise

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Consumers expectations of IT have increased enormously in the last few years as smart phones and on-line services are now common place. This is driving up expectations, as most users are now comfortable with accessing information regardless of the device they are using or their physical location. Users want context aware information and services, but with a constantly changing mobile device market, dominated by three major players, enabling this to the widest possible audience whilst still providing a first class native experience is still a challenge. In this session Ross Dargan will explain how apps can be designed to be enabled across multiple mobile platforms and why a native look and feel is important to users. He will cover some of the tools and technologies that are available to achieve this as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.


  • 1. Consumer Experiences for Enterprise Ross Dargan @rossdargan

2. What Im going to cover Consumers Expectations Business Experiences Developing an app for a BYOD world 3. Consumer Expectations 4. Banking Apps 5. Shopping 6. Travel 7. IoT 8. IoT 9. Security 10. Parcel Delivery 11. Consumers have amazing experiences like this all the time. 12. Business 13. Make it mobile! 14. Obstacles Cost Analyse the savings in time/reduction is risk Security Implement device management Ensure data is securely encrypted or not stored on the device Complexity Re-use code where possible Supporting all the devices in use 15. One Platform 16. Supporting BYOD? 17. UK Consumer Landscape Windows 12%iOS 27%Other 1% Other 5% Blackberry 4%Android 56%Source: 18. Native Development Android Java Eclipse IntelliJWindows Phone C#/Visual Basic/F# Visual StudioiOS Objective C Xcode 19. Native Development Pros Very Fast Access to all platform apis Gets into the app stores Supports push notificationsCons In depth knowledge required for each platform No code re-use (Expensive) 20. Cross Compilation AKA Xamarin Pros Totally native experience to end use All the benefits of native application Fix code in a core library and its fixed on every platformCons You still need to know how to do native development Additional licensing costs Very Low level abstractions 21. Hybrid Applications aka PhoneGap/Cordova Pros Supports a lot of platforms Supports most sensors Can get in the app store Supports push notificationsCons Very slow on most platforms Expect to spend a lot of time on optimisation Never looks truly native (often doesnt even try) Very high abstractions 22. UI Considerations 23. Responsive/Mobile Website Pros As universal as it gets (so can be cheaper) Can access motion sensors Can have some offline capabilitiesCons Wont get in the store Cant do push notifications Must be aware of limited connectivity Cant do any background work Cant access camera*, NFC or other sensors 24. Comparison Feature Code ReusePerformance Native Sensors Tool Cost In App Store #Platforms Supports Native Look and feelWebsitePhone GapXamarinNative 25. TirOne**Shameless Plug 26. Summary Consumers have high expectations This 27. Questions