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digital landscapes exploration through enchantment E4 Interactive Wall by Matthias Oostrik

contemporary digital interactive museum landscape

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Developed with Rachel Hooper, this presentation was for ECHO museum staff to understand the contemporary digital and interactive landscape in museums, so we can identify an ecosystemic approach to interactive exhibition design at ECHO. Developed as part of our technology fellowhip at Champlain College, in the Emergent Media MFA program.

Text of contemporary digital interactive museum landscape

  • 1. E4 Interactive Wall by Matthias Oostrik digital landscapesexploration through enchantment

2. ObservationsTrendsInspiration Opportunitieslight instillation Chris Frasier 3. observations 4. photo courtesy of ECHO 5. slide from Nina Simon lecture: Making Museums Matter 6. participatory culture 7. Visitors look at the collection wall in Gallery One at the Cleveland Museum of Art on Jan. 9, 2013. (Scott Shaw/Plain Dealer) 8. www.virtualfishtank.com 9. Kathy Wisniski 10. www.snibbeinteractive.com 11. gaming is social 12. Golan Levin 13. Jane McGonigals Find The Future ARG 14. Mobile Technologies 15. http://www.themobilists.com/2011/08/30/qr-codes-in-museums/ 16. ByteLight 17. physical computing David Bowen 18. www.snibbeinteractive.com 19. design I/O: funky forest 20. Design I/Os Puppet Parade 21. Golan Levin 22. University of Dayton: Flightphase 23. data visualization Aaron Koblin 24. Jonathan Harris 25. Gapminder: Hans Rosling 26. prototyping and iterative design 27. Potential Projects 28. Mobile Game 29. Interactive Wall 30. Interactive Soundscape 31. Data Visualization 32. E4 Interactive Wall by Matthias Oostrik