Content Management & Web Analytics Theatre; Becoming a revenue centric digital marketer

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  • 1.Connect Contentto RevenueBecoming a Revenue CentricDigital Marketer #ektronAdam Smith Director, Product

2. Agenda1. The case for becoming a revenue centric digital marketer2. Five steps to connect content to revenue3. About Ektron4. Resources and next steps5. Questions 3. Why Connect Content to Revenue?1. Current worldwide economic environment demands revenue growth2. Marketing leaders being held accountable for revenue 4. Revenue is the top Marketing PriorityQ: From among the following, what do you expect your organizations top three marketing priorities to be?Acquiring new customers 74% Increasing market share42% Improving customer retention 40%Supporting sales34%Improving the customer experience 30% Preparing for growth 25%Increasing customer share of wallet 20% Improving brand loyalty17% More online marketing activities 12% Implementing marketing IT systems 6% Other2% 0% 20% 40% 60%80%Sum of mean percentages of top threeSource Gartner 5. Achieve Business OutcomesTo Build Revenuea measurable activity that has a quantifiableimpact on revenue 6. Exercise:Identify the business outcomes that move theneedle for your company 7. How to Connect Content to RevenueContentWebsites, landing pages, microsites 8. Web Content Managementfor Digital MarketersManagementWeb ContentDeploy 9. How to Connect Content to Revenue ContextBehavior, device, social graphs, environment, location Content Websites, landing pages, microsites 10. If Content is King. Context is Queen. Content is King 11. Where does context come from? SourceSite Behavior Referring domain Context Search keyword Product interest Visit patterns Traffic type Previous purchases CampaignresponsesSocial Graph Twitter Facebook LinkedInEnvironment Google Location Time zone Device typeCRM Browser Salesforce Dynamics 12. How to Connect Content to RevenueExperienceWebsites, mobile devices, communities, landing pages, emailContext Behavior, device, social graphs, environment, locationContentWebsites, landing pages, microsites 13. Customer journeys happenacross channels 14. August 2011 Harnessing The Convergence Of Customer Experience Management Solutions Delivering Cross Touchpoint Customer Experiences Drives Need For New Capability 15. How to Connect Content to Revenue Optimization SEO, personalization, conversion rate optimizationExperienceWebsites, mobile devices, communities, landing pages, emailContext Behavior, device, social graphs, environment, locationContentWebsites, landing pages, microsites 16. Personalization isnt happening 17. Example: Flights to London 18. Wheres Boston?Wheres London?Useless promotion 19. Relevant imagery Pre-selectedLondon destinationPre-selected Boston origination 20. Types of Conversion Rate Optimization A|B Testing Test Broader Page Concepts Low Hanging Fruit Lower Traffic Requirements Difficult to Control External Factors Multivariate Testing More Learning More Complexity, Planning, Traffic 21. Which Test Won?A B A) Delivered 18% more purchases Source: 22. Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection Mark Twain 23. How to Connect Content to Revenue Business Outcome Sale, Page View, Member, Lead, Admission, Donation Loyalty, Awareness, Reputation, Advocacy OptimizationSearch engine optimization, personalization, conversion optimizationExperience Websites, mobile devices, communities, emailContextBehavior, device, social graphs, environment, locationContentWebsites, landing pages, microsites 24. Lead generation at Lloyds TSB Full range of bankingand financial services 5th largest bank inEurope Results: 90% increase in visitors 150% increase in leads 30% increase in visitorto registered leadconversion rate 25. Ad revenue & engagement atNASDAQ Largest U.S.electronic stockmarket5 Results: Grew communityby 3000% Tripled ad revenue 26. Revenue growth at Valassis Leading Media &Marketing ServicesCompany Results: Decreasedpublishing time by30% Doubledconversion rates onkey CTAs 27. About EktronEktron empowers organizations to fully realize their digital marketingpotential by connecting content to revenue Founded in 1998 Headquarters in Nashua, NH - Worldwide Offices in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom - Regional Offices in Denver, Richmond and San Francisco 270+ Employees Over 3,000 customers and 12,000 sites including The HomeDepot, Kodak, Microsoft, and NASDAQ 28. MissionEmpower Marketers to Connect Content to RevenueProvide the mostEmpower marketers toscalable, extensible, mobile, create contextually partner friendly, .NET WCM relevant customerplatform for the Enterprise experiencesDeliver a Create vibrant socialseamless, social, cross-communities forchannel shoppingemployees and customers.experience 29. Resources + Next StepsSlides available at recording available shortly onhttp://ektron.comSuggested reading - http://whichtestwon.comFollow @ektron & @DrDesmo on TwitterWe have an eBook available for attendees stop by our booth to register (right outside!)Sign up for a personalized demonstration at 30. Summary Marketing must be viewed as a profitcenter, not a cost center Connecting Content to Revenue requires: A strong platform for managing content Context for understanding The ability to deliver experiences across all digitalchannels Processes for ongoing optimization The ability to tie content to the businessoutcomes that move the needle for your business 31. Questions?Continue the conversation at #ektron


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