Creating Engaging Multi-device eLearning

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<ul><li><p>C R E A T I N GENGAGING MULTI-DEVICE ELEARNING</p><p>THE NEW LEARNING AGENDA</p><p>44%</p><p>WHY?</p><p>LEARNERS DON'T WISH [1]TO ENGAGE WITH ONLINE LEARNING </p><p>LACK OF SOMEWHERE APPROPRIATE TO STUDY</p><p>UNINSPIRING CONTENT</p><p>CAN'T FIND WHAT THEY NEED</p><p>45% 37% 33%</p><p>WHAT CAN BE DONE?</p><p>[2]PURPOSE </p><p>1</p><p>[4]MOTIVATION</p><p>2</p><p>MOTIVATION</p><p>WIIFMBUILD FOR MULTI-DEVICE</p><p>FREE UP THE </p><p>NAVIGATION</p><p>MAKE ITPURPOSEFUL, </p><p>CONVERSATIONALKEEP IT </p><p>BYTE SIZE, SEARCHABLE</p><p>ACTION MAPPING BY CATHY MOOREHOW?</p><p>Increase widget sales</p><p>[5]INTERACTIVITY</p><p>3</p><p>Engaging eLearning is a term thats quite pervasive these days. Different devices, </p><p>screen sizes, OSs, browsers, and multiple combinations of these make the creation of </p><p>engaging eLearning and its delivery quite complex. However, the need for engaging </p><p>eLearning can no longer be sidelined and studies indicate so too.</p><p>Creating engaging eLearning is a complex process which involves a lot of complex </p><p>parameters. However, for a good start focus on the following 3 aspects.</p><p>Most eLearning is created with an ultimate purpose of behaviour change and </p><p>so the purpose has to be clearly established before attempting to create </p><p>engaging eLearning.</p><p>[3]Visit Cathys website for more details and examples. </p><p>Motivation is crucial for any eLearning to happen. As intrinsic motivation in </p><p>adults is quite uncommon, learning designers need to ensure motivation </p><p>through Instructional Design. </p><p>Things to focus on:</p><p>Interactivity is the most misunderstood and misused term. In eLearning it is mostly used in </p><p>terms of 'levels' of output where higher levels typically denote higher interactivity.</p><p>However,</p><p>'INTERACTIVITY IS NOT ENGAGEMENT'</p><p>Try to achieve this by focusing on meaningful interactivities.</p><p>INTERACTIVITY OF THE MIND</p><p>SUMMING UPIn order to create an engaging learning experience, the role of </p><p>instructor is optional, but the role of learner is essential.</p><p>- Bernard Bull</p><p>1.</p><p>2.</p><p>3.</p><p>4.</p><p>5.</p><p>References</p><p>For the learners to be able to perform their roles in the best possible way, the eLearning </p><p>we create has to be interesting, innovative, motivating and engaging.</p><p>STORY TELLING- We remember more from stories</p><p>- Are more interested and receptive</p><p>VIDEOS- Videos are great on all devices </p><p>- Interactive videos have great potential </p><p>MEANINGFUL INTERACTIONS- Give a real scenario/context- Something to do which is closer to real job tasks</p><p>- Provide elaborate feedback</p><p>AN ENGAGING BOOK WITH NO INTERACTIVITY</p><p>HOW?</p><p>Infographic by</p></li></ul>