Drive Marketing Automation Success - Cross-Functional Alignment

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Check out this webinar for best practices on aligning resources and roles across strategic teams to increase pipeline. You'll hear: How to use marketing automation as a tool to create alignment across your organization Best practices for implementing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between cross-functional teams, to ensure proper follow-up Ideas you can put into practice now to align team resources and roles


  • 1. 2013 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential Drive Marketing Automation Success: Cross-Functional Alignment May 29, 2014

2. Shyna Zhang Enterprise Sr. Product Marketing Manager Allison Dryer Digital Services Sr. Solutions Consultant 3. If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time. - Patrick Lencioni The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable 4. 2014 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential Marketing Leadership Sales Leadership IT Leadership Business Unit Leadership CMO VP Marketing Digital Marketing Leader Campaign Strategist (Email and Events) Social Media Director KPIs/Analytics Leader Technical Marketing Leader Cross-Functional Team Key Personnel CRO VP Sales Sales Ops Manager Sales Director Field Sales Manager Inside Sales Manager CRM Administrator CIO Director of IT Sys Admin CRM Admin GM Director Product Marketing 5. 2014 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential Enterprise Focus Areas Pillars for Success Marketing Strategy Assess your organizations sales and marketing strategy, maturity, and overall readiness Cross-Functional Alignment Exercises and workshops designed to align your resources and team roles Sales & Marketing Funnel Evaluating your technology stack and understanding the impact it has on the overall success Measurement & Reporting Determining the key reporting metrics used by your team, determining how to measure future success, and ultimately building the Business Case 6. Enterprise Focus Areas Deliverables Marketing Strategy Marketing Maturity Matrix Marketing Strategy Strategic Campaign Roadmap Cross-Functional Alignment Resources & Team Roles Sales & Marketing Funnel Model Joint Execution Plan Sales & Marketing Funnel Lead Lifecycle Lead and Opportunity Stages SLAs & Alerts Measurement & Reporting Key Performance Indicators - Tactical v. Revenue Business Case Audience & Cadence 7. Main Painpoints: How do I get better quality leads from Marketing? When are the new marketing campaigns happening so I can get more leads? Why is marketing reaching out to MY leads? Sales Need more leads 8. Main Painpoints: How much revenue can I forecast this quarter through my direct vs indirect business? How can I grow the business faster than my competitor? How do I drive loyalty among my existing customers? How do I drive awareness amongst net new customers? Business Unit Run the Business 9. Main Painpoints: How do I get the right data from Sales to create an accurate funnel? How do I get the right support from IT to ensure that my marketing operations team gets the support that they need? How do I get everyone aligned on the same terminology: MQL, SQL, SAL, Conversion Rate, etc..? Marketing Focus on the Funnel 10. Main Painpoints: How does marketing automation technology fit into the existing technology architecture? Whats the integration strategy? Is data secure at every stage? Whats the uptime and deliverability? What are the stages of a successful implementation? IT Lets make this Secure 11. Page 11 2011 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential Solving for a Leaky Sales Funnel Traditional Marketing Focus Warm Leads Lead Out Sales Traditional Sales Focus 12. Your Customer Base is your Strategic Asset Traditional Marketing Marketing Automation Integrated Marketing Revenue Performance Management Basic Marketing Automation CRM Integration Scoring Automated Nurturing Utilize the entire Sales Funnel & its Stages Targeted Marketing Detour Stages Dynamic Lead Routing Triggers & Alerts Create a multi-touch attribution model and use it to tweak performance Attribution Model Operational Reporting Sales Empowerment via CRM campaign execution 13. PROVIDER ActiveHealth Management iTriage Medicity Neonatal Management Program Practice iQ EMPLOYER ActiveHealth Management iTriage Neonatal Management Program WellMatch Wellness 2.0 Workforce Availability PAYER ActiveHealth Management WellMatch 14. Align Funnel Taxonomy and Definitions Funnel Stage Name SFDC Status Owner Definition Fit Criteria Demand Gen Suspect N/A Mktg A marketing target about whom very little is known N/A Nurturing Prospect Open Mktg A respondent to a marketing campaign with a known name and valid email address First Name Last Name Email Address Phone Number Nurturing > Qualification Lead (MQL) Sales Ready Mktg. A prospect who meets the minimum fit criteria and has displayed enough interest to be handed over to sales. Title Org. location Org. Type / Footprint Timing Org. Tech Utilization Qualification Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) Working Inside Sales or Sales Dev. A MQL that has been accepted by sales (or inside sales team) for further qualification to determine pipeline readiness. Active in Payment Reform (RAM, SSM, PFP, etc.) Implementation plan Funding for Initiative Qualification Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Qualified Sales A SAL that has progressed to an opportunity and is now committed to pipeline Strategic fit Aetna Relationship Revenue Closed Won Closed Won Sales An opportunity that has resulted in revenue. Opportunity Closed, stage (TBD) 15. Assign SLAs Create Accountability 16. Cross-Functional Alignment Alignment within your Funnel The deliverable and outcome is a process and completed worksheet that aligns your team and creates synergy and alignment on key business goals/drivers across the marketing and sales teams. 17. Potential Campaign Example Integrated Campaign Direct Mailer + Digital Interactions Anonymous Identified Pre-Qualified Sales Working Sales Relationship Opportunity Closed/Won Campaign Stage Program Selected & Launched BusinessProgram Selected & LaunchedSalesProgram Selected & LaunchedMarketing Success Path Stages Campaign Flow Find through SEO WOM, Conference on Topic or Trend Engage us Via Website Fill out Form, Sign up for Newsletter Recycled List Segmentation, etc. Direct Mailer Campaign Sent Out with Assets Follow-Up Email Vetting Lead Disqualified Closed Lost Closed Won Conversation, Discuss Details, Verify Opportunity Craft Proposal/SOW/Pitch for Specific Need Expresses Interest via select channels and or we Follow-Up 18. Joint Execution Plan A roadmap for moving forward Outline the steps to take to ensure an efficient close and hand off of Marketo. 19. 1. Embark on the listening tour whats working, whats not working? 2. Clearly establish what success looks like (ie. Consistent taxonomy, SLAs, content execution, KPIs) 3. Identify the right stakeholders & assemble the Tiger Team across multiple teams 4. Celebrate small successes & report out on progress! Best Practices 20. innovate A flexible, collaborative, and consultative assessment involving Marketos Digital Strategy Consultants and your cross functional teams. Assessments evaluate your sales & marketing strategy, cross functional alignment, sales & marketing funnel, and measurement & reportsto deliver strategic recommendations and plans for improvement. INNOVATE 21. 2014 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential Takeaways & Q&A Cross-Functional Alignment is critical to the success of transformational marketing Engage with Marketo to map your resources, create clear hand-offs between teams, and implement a joint execution plan Thank you!