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2. BLOGGER I am using my Blogger as a journal. My children will be able to see this for years to come. I have used this as a stress reliever and kept my blogger going. 3. FLICKR Organizing my photos into sets. Being able to look at other beautiful photos from around the world and tagging them into my favorites. There is enough storage for over 500,000 photos. 4. GOOGLE I love that I can access my documents from anywhere and share with Google Docs. There are so many features with Google, and there free. Google Maps is an app on my phone, and it has not taken me off course yet! 5. FACEBOOK Finding old friends and family you do not see. Locations all over the world. Seeing those you care about in there daily lives! 6. HOT TOPICS Wolfram Alpha- I wish I had know about this years ago. I will continue to use this technology. Yelp- This technology tells about any destination in the world. Perfect for vacations or an evening out! Wordle- I think this would be a great little art piece for you to do for your kids. I had fun with this. 7. DISLIKES: CHAPTER TESTS I am not a great tester, I am all hands on! Even when I study, I can not all ways retain words. The experience is where it is at. Emotionally stressful. 8. COURSECA STS It may talk about technology but it is nothing that I can be hands on with. Not a news buff. Boring! 9. GROUP ASSIGNMEN TS Homework can be stressful, especially waiting on someone else to do their part in a project. Having to ask someone to get their part done, over and over! My work standards are set very high. So to have a group member just wing it and do a poor job, bothers me! 10. TWITTER What is all this #twitter #tired #exams! I dont really get all the lingo. They do not make since to me. I need something to interest me, this does not it! 11. VIDEOS W/TESTS I do not test well, even after I just watched these videos. Some of the videos would not have words but things you had to watch to get your answer. I feel like there are better things to concentrate on than these small videos! Hands on Technology is where its at! 12. CREATED BY: DAWN BOONE Thank you Mrs. Duncan! Overall I have enjoyed this class! I have learned of new technology that I have never heard of. I have bookmarked several of these new and wonderful technologies. I love the hands on experience more than anything! You are a great instructor and I look forward to seeing you next semester, my last semester! You ROCK!! The last two slides I just kind of had to make up something! So, sorry!