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  1. 1. Boost your email marketing with SimplyCast eMarketing Brought to you by:
  2. 2. 1.VentureBeats State of Marketing Technology Report 2.Direct MarketingAssociation https://myBusiness.singtel.com 2 This ROI can be as high as 4,300% . Email is still one of the most effective forms of internet marketing, generating the highest Return On Investment (ROI) for marketers1.
  3. 3. Among the key metrics that determine email marketing performance are: OPEN RATES: Percentage of recipients who open the email CLICK-THROUGH RATES: Percentage of recipients who land on a predetermined landing page by clicking a link in the email. Example of industries with highest open rates and click-through rates1: https://myBusiness.singtel.com OPEN RATES CLICK-THROUGH RATES 1.Lodging, Travel Agencies and Services: 29.6% 1.Computer Hardware & Telecommunications: 5.7% 2.Insurance: 28.7% 2.Consumer Products: 5.4% 3.Nonprofits, Association & Government: 27.5% 3.Lodging, Travel Agencies and Services: 5.3% Countries in APAC outperform other regions at the same metrics. Average unique open rate: 26.1% Average click-through rates: 4.6% 1.2015 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study, by IBM
  4. 4. Email marketing is especially useful to resource-strapped small and medium-sized enterprises as it: Builds a personal connection with subscribers. Helps retain and engage existing customers. Is cost-effective and easier as a channel to measure ROI. https://myBusiness.singtel.com
  5. 5. https://myBusiness.singtel.com Meet Richard. Richard owns a local retail business and has his own customer base. But he has been struggling to keep these existing customers engaged and is also finding it hard to attract and nurture new ones.
  6. 6. https://myBusiness.singtel.com He knows that in order to build his own brand and grow his business effectively, he needs to look into tools that can address his challenges.
  7. 7. Richard has his concerns about email marketing Creating the emails takes time that I dont have. https://myBusiness.singtel.com Im unable to respond efficiently every time a customer makes contact. Its hard to manage all of my email contacts and keep the list up to date. I cant afford to outsource the work to get it right. I dont know if my customers are reading my emails.
  8. 8. https://myBusiness.singtel.com Then Richard discovered SimplyCast eMarketing: A complete and an easy-to-use email marketing solution. Like thousands of SMEs, he is realising just how easy email marketing can be.
  9. 9. https://myBusiness.singtel.com Why SimplyCast eMarketing?
  10. 10. CLOUD BASED: Secured and accessible by multiple users on various devices to co-manage campaigns. COST EFFECTIVE: Various easy-to-use features built in allowing users to do more. https://myBusiness.singtel.com STEP-BY-STEP PROCESSES: Simple, clear instructions at every stage. BEST PRACTICE COMPLIANT: Meets industry guidelines. Some benefits of SimplyCast eMarketing
  11. 11. https://myBusiness.singtel.com What can SimplyCast eMarketing do?
  12. 12. Choose a design template or upload your own HTML. Helps you create and deliver complete EDM campaigns. Schedule your campaign dates. https://myBusiness.singtel.com Store and manage your customer contact information Broadcastyour campaign. Track email reports in real time.
  13. 13. Enables you to collect and collate customer contact details from various sources. Utilise an existing form template or create your own. https://myBusiness.singtel.com Embed forms into your website. Match your form to your objective, e.g. subscription, event registration, sales contact, surveys.
  14. 14. Respond to customers every time they make contact. Makes it simple to create auto responses for instant follow ups. Welcome New Subscriber New Customer Thanks Schedule follow-up emails to new subscribers. Congratulations Hi Dean Existing Customers Send existing customers personalised messages like birthday wishes. https://myBusiness.singtel.com
  15. 15. Gives you the ability to effectively manage your customer database in a single depository. Easily upload and organise your contact lists. Lists are immediately updated after unsubscribed, bounced or failed emails. Automatic detection of duplicate email addresses. member@sample.com sample@sample.com customer@sample.com vendor@sample.com sample@sample.com https://myBusiness.singtel.com Duplicate
  16. 16. Case Study After uploading its existing contact list into SimplyCast eMarketing, IT retailer and distributor Emballer now enjoys efficient data management, better communications and a more streamlined email campaign process. EMBALLER From slow to reactive With SimplyCast eMarketing, we are now able to create EDMs in a short time, thus improving our speed to market. Its simplicity of usage has also allowed us to deploy one instead of two staff for any campaign creation. Andrew Wong, General Manager of Emballer https://myBusiness.singtel.com
  17. 17. Ready to see how SimplyCast eMarketing can benefit your business? https://myBusiness.singtel.com
  18. 18. SimplyCast eMarketing offers 2 different types of monthly subscription packs. CONTACT PACK: Send unlimited emails to a fixed number of contacts CREDIT PACK: Send a set number of emails to an unlimited contact list Contacts Emails https://myBusiness.singtel.com
  19. 19. MOST POPULAR 5 user licences Unlimited Storage Creation of up to 5 forms and limited to 5,000 submissions per month FREE TRIAL (30 DAYS) 2,000 emails/mth https://myBusiness.singtel.com 10,000 CREDIT PACK 10,000 emails/mth S$ 37.45/mth 20,000 CREDIT PACK 20,000 emails/mth S$ 58.85/mth Add-ons: Note: Unused credits cannot be rolled over. All prices are inclusive of GST. /mth = per month 10,000 credit top up S$26.75 5,000 credit top up S$16.05 Credit Packs All Packs Include: Send up to a selected number of emails to an unlimited contacts:
  20. 20. Contact Packs 1,000 CONTACT PACK 1,000 contacts /mth S$ 26.75/mth MOST POPULAR 2,000 CONTACT PACK 2,000 contacts /mth S$ 35.31/mth 5,000 CONTACT PACK 5,000 contacts /mth S$ 44.94/mth 10,000 CONTACT PACK https://myBusiness.singtel.com 10,000 contacts /mth S$ 74.90/mth Note: Unused credits cannot be rolled over. All prices are inclusive of GST. /mth = per month Send unlimited emails to selected number of contacts each month:
  21. 21. Call: 1800-BUY-SAAS (1800-289-7227) Email: http://myBusiness.singtel.com/contact-us Visit: http://mybusiness.singtel.com/catalogue/simplycast-emarketing To help your SME business excel at email marketing, try or subscribe to SimplyCast eMarketing today.