Ethical hacking workshop (One day)

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  • 1. Ethical Hacking &Information Security WorkshopOverview:IDC (Global market intelligence firm) predicts requirement of 1,88,000 security professionals bythe year 2012. Currently the number of security professionals in India is around 22,000.This workshop covers a wide range of security aspects ranging from basics of security to breakingthe networks. The main objective of the workshop is to teach about how to protect yourself fromthe menace of hacking and to educate the student about the career opportunities in InformationSecurity world. This workshop will give a complete understanding of the popular informationsecurity attacks and explains the techniques to counter them.Duration:One day event 6 hoursBenefits:Participation certificate for the studentsConstant touch with the trainer for career guidance and doubts clarification1

2. Content:Introduction to Hacking & Ethical HackingOverview of hackingHacking TerminologyTypes of hackersSystem hacking Windows password algorithms Breaking windows password Key loggers Real world case studies Tools & Demos CountermeasuresNetwork Hacking Enumerating networks Buffer over flows Taking control on remote systems Real world case studies Introduction to secure code development practices Tools & Demos CountermeasuresWeb Application hacking Web application architectures Life cycle of web applications Man in the middle attacks SQL Injection Social Engineering attacks Phishing attacks Tools & Demos CountermeasuresEmail hacking Hub vs switch networks ARP Spoofing Stealing Email passwords CountermeasuresCareer Guidance 2 3. Presenters profile:Satish B:Information Security Professional with 6 years of experience in Penetration testing of webapplications and mobile applications. He has reported vulnerabilities in Facebook, LinkedIn andMicrosoft bing services. Presented papers in international conferences.Chaitanya K:Information Security Professional with 5 years of experience in Penetration testing of webapplications and mobile applications.ContactSatish BEmail: 3


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