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  • 1. This is how I imported the video clips. I firstly went to the folderwhich I had all the rendered shots put in. as you can see Ihave dragged the shot I am going to start with to thesoftware. This print screen is a establishing shot of Haverstockschool. In this shot I added a lensed beam effect which Ithought would be effective for this specific shot. after I did thisI added text onto it A Dardana Lipovica production.

2. As you can see I uploaded the establishing shot ofHaverstock onto the editing software, into the timeline, asyou can see at the bottom of the screen shot. 3. For my next clip i chose a picture of myyounger brother as the production companyas i thought the picture went well with thegenre and also the name of the trailer. alsoin this clip i added a white fade effect, as ithought it would be appealing to the viewerswhich i thought worked well. i also addedtextDiamond pictures presents 4. This shot is a clip of Jamie Spencer walking upthe stairs as Mustaf Adan (Jack). As you cansee i had to drag this clip onto the timeline.As you can see i haveadded the next scenewith Mustaf scenewalking up the stairswhich cross fades tothe scene with Jamieswhich is on the left. 5. Mustafs scene which was shot in the school toilets wassplit into two parts as you can see above , then which iadded the scene were he was following Ace( played byDardana lipovica) 6. On the clip i added a intertitlejust after the Mustafs scenewhich was held in camdengardens. on each corner ofevery clip on the timeline has acircle button which can becustomise, which then ichanged it so the clip endedwith a slow fade outThe customisationbutton also allowedme to reduce thelighting. 7. The next clip i decided to add onto the timeline wasthe scene were i meet Jack(played by Mustaf) incamden gardens. this scene had the textoverlapping the this scene which caused it tocrossfade on another. 8. Also in this scene i decided i wanted to delete the audiofrom the clip as i wanted the music playing instead , asthere wasnt much script said in this scene also thought itwould be effective on this part of the trailer. 9. For my trailer i decided i wanted a piano trackwith a thriller/tense soundtrack as i thought bothplaying on my trailer would be effective andappealing to the viewers so i imported a calmpiano instumental. As you can see on the screenshot on the left i dragged the encounter-scarydangerous music from my documents ontothe timeline. i then changed the tempo of thesoundtrack and customised it so that it wasquieter than the piano track, at the end i thenmade the tracks fade out to when the trailerfinished. 10. At the end of my trailer, thename blackjack text went frombeging white with a red outlineand a shadow glow, also withthe text below. i then decided iwanted to change the text tobeing just white as i thought itwould be more effective as ithought it didnt look eye-catching.on the screen shot below youcan see that i added astandard flicker effect to thetext which made the clip moreeffect and appealing to theaudience, i then added thefade out at the end of the clipwhich faded at the same timeas the music.