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  1. 1. Graphic Design Taking Inspiration There are some basic concepts that apply to website design regardless of the client, specifics, industry, etc. Surprisingly enough, if you stop and think about it, most of these concepts relate to almost any kind of art or design created for a marketing purpose, whether web or print. Basically, the concepts involve being artistic while maintaining the focus on designing for a marketable purpose. This often involves maximizing the space available, but without cramming it maximizing the impact, not the content or imagery! Its best to have the focus on a single element in the design and, if circumstances permit, have an auxiliary design based on the central focus. Here are some amazing designs that have served their purpose through history and why they worked! Nirvanas Nevermind album art made history, for a few simple reasons. 1. The concept is innovative, original and unheard of. To me, it conveys the idea of people bringing their kids into a world where they drown while being baited by money. Maybe deeper than they intended, but it works. 2. The design is uncluttered. Just the artist name on the bottom in a nice font, and an underwater wavy effect added to the font of the album name. Perfectly done. 3. Apart from words, even the design is fairly uncluttered and aesthetically pleasing, testimonial to the fact that sometimes less is better!
  2. 2. Ah, The Goldfinch. On first look it seems as though the book is tearing thats just the perfection of the design. 1. The book looks like its tearing. That alone automatically draws your hand to it when youre walking through Barnes & Noble! If it draws your hand to it, you will probably lift it up when you realize that the cover is just meticulous artwork! 2. The cover is relatively empty apart from the focus the bit of the opening in the paper where the Goldfinch is visible. 3. The effects used go well. The entire homemade, meaningful feel about the cover just works flawlessly, sending the message, you cant see much here; open up and you can. Perhaps one of the most meaningful posters of all time, this one is a winner from every angle. 1. How you choose to interpret the splitting of the body into blood red petals is up to you, but the sheer artistic nature of it draws eyes and keeps them long enough to make a significant and memorable impact. 2. Standard rules were followed limited wording, restricted to the bottom, and a central focus without too many jarring ideas on a single page. 3. The contrast of the red against the black and white draws a stark and significant connection. Using this in graphic design can be immensely helpful to draw a reader or viewers attention to or away from a specific aspect. Sometimes, the web designers can break their heads on these kinds of things, but the answers are really just right in front of you. You can get inspiration from so many places and things if you look around again, something us graphic designers have very little time to do in between coffee breaks and staring at the computer screen!