Heroku Elevator Pitch Deck/DX Quick Pitch of Heroku to a Customer

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  • Heroku Pitch Deck

  • Apps are Transforming Industries Startups disrupt by developing apps with speed and innovation, and delivering superior customer experiences

    Transportation Entertainment Shopping Transactions

  • Today, Every Company Must Be an Apps Company Your brand, your products, your customer experience are carried by your apps 24 x 7

    Brick-and-Mortar Retailer Apps Company

    Home Controls Manufacturer Apps Company

    Shopping Center Operator Apps Company

  • What Does It Take to Build Apps Like These? Transformative apps require a different recipe

    Technologies of the consumer internet like Node, PHP, Java, and Ruby

    Pixel-perfect digital experiences for brand fidelity and customer delight

    Powerful developer and app management tools to free your team to innovate

    Frequent and fast iteration of new features to keep up with the market

    Seamless integration to powerful business tools like Salesforce

    Scalable, high-performance platform to handle rapid and uneven growth

  • The Platform of Choice for Transformative Apps

  • Change how you build and run transformative apps Spending more time building features for your app

    Stop spending time setting up and running infrastructure

    Data Center





    Operating System

    App Runtime

    Application Application




  • Dynos Deploy fast and without

    friction, run top languages at any scale

    Database Enterprise-grade

    Postgres, optimized for app developers

    Add-ons Ecosystem of 150+ plug-ins, pre-integrated and

    ready for your app

    What is Heroku? Everything you need to build, run and scale engaging customer apps

    Payments Email SMS Search Analytics Monitoring Logging

    Ruby Node.js Java PHP Python Scala Clojure

    24/7/365 Ops Continuous Protection Health Checks High Availability Encryption Rollback

  • Heroku Connect Syncs Directly to Salesforce Clouds Seamless two-way data between customer-facing apps and your business on Salesforce

    Employee Apps Customer Apps

    Heroku Connect

  • Heroku DX A superior developer experience, with features designed for innovation, focus, and flow

    Simple scaling, resource allocation and app management from Heroku Dashboard

    Heroku Metrics for real-time insight and performance tuning

    One-click data cloning and data rollbacks, built-in encryption at rest

    Dataclips for simple and instant reporting Powerful command line tools Heroku Button for instant deploy of over 800

    open source templates Free developer sign-up

  • Heroku Is Proven and Trusted

    5 Billion Requests per day

    4+ Million Apps Created

    150+ Partner Add-ons

    We rely on Heroku as the platform for mission-critical apps, and it is helping us transform how we connect and engage with our customers. - Pierre Masai , CIO, Toyota Motor Europe

  • Companies from Startups to Fortune 500 Use Heroku

  • Loyalty & Engagement Apps

    Internet of Things Apps

    Websites & Media Apps

    eCommerce Apps

    What are Leading Brands Building on Heroku?

    Marketing Campaign Apps

  • Appendix

  • Heroku Dashboard + Metrics App performance insights and developer flow

    Dashboard re-designed for efficiency developer flow

    Orgs for cross-team collaboration and multi-apps management

    New Metrics tracks provides real-time, synchronous analytics across Response time Throughput CPU Memory

    Highlights thrown errors in sync with performance metrics, making app tuning dramatically easier

  • Heroku Postgres DbX Developer features make it easy to operate and optimize databases at scale

    Analytics and visualizations save weeks of DBA time

    Data encrypted at rest Clone your database or roll back data with a

    click Dataclips for instant, easily shareable reports New database plans:

    2x memory 2x - 3x performance No cost increase

  • Heroku Button One click to clone, config, provision, and deploy an app or template

  • More than 800 Heroku Buttons and Counting Apps, patterns, components and projects ready to deploy to Heroku with a click