Highwinds 2013 Review: Our Best Year Ever!

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Its been busy but also very exciting as we have grown our business significantly across the world, supporting major brands while delivering content at record highs. From ad networks to gaming to cloud storage and more, 2013 was a year that we won't soon forget! Here are 10 highlights we're especially proud of.

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  • 1. 10HIGHLIGHTS IN 2013 Looking Back on Our Best Year YetHighwinds achieved incredible results in 2013, culminating in the best year ever for the 11-year-old company. The following pages include ten achievements that have helped to make Highwinds the fastest CDN on the planet.

2. 1 Secured $205 million in debt financing, bringing our total financing since inception to over $420 million. Led by Cerberus Business Finance, LLC and Goldman Sachs BDC, Inc., an investment fund managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P., with participation from the companys existing equity sponsor, General Catalyst Partners, and the companys management team, Highwinds completes recapitalization, positioning it for massive growth of its global CDN. WINTER PARK, Fla. Aug. 8, 2013 Highwinds today announced that it has closed a new $205 million debt financing transaction with Cerberus Business Finance, LLC and Goldman Sachs BDC, Inc., an investment fund managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P., including follow-on investment from General Catalyst Partners serving as private equity sponsor. This significant infusion of new capital is among the largest single transactions ever closed by a content delivery network (CDN) provider. It has resulted in the recapitalization of the business, and it positions Highwinds for aggressive growth through both organic and M&A investment opportunities, including further expansion of its global content delivery platform. Highwinds has tremendous financial strength, with positive cash flow, a strong balance sheet and sustained profitability. They also have proven technological innovation, an impressive customer roster, a brilliant, thoroughly vested executive team, and demonstrated success in supporting the shift to online digital entertainment, which is now a global cultural phenomenon, said Kevin Cross, managing director, lending, for Cerberus. These factors make Highwinds a great investment for us, and we are pleased to be able to fund their next stage of growth. Highwinds consistently ranks among the worlds three highest performing CDNs, as evidenced by the fast response times and high throughput rates reported by third-party testing tools. Highwinds network comprises dozens of data centers spanning five continents, a massive peering infrastructure, egress capacity in excess of 4 Tbps, and breakthrough technologies that fuel highly efficient operations, unmatched content control and low delivery costs. Its content delivery and cloud services portfolio is trusted by leading gaming, advertising, software, and media and entertainment companies for the delivery of digital assets to millions of global users every day. Read Full Press Release 3. 2 Highwinds GDN (Game Delivery Network) supported the launch of many of the largest game titles of the year. 4. 3 Delivered live streams of one of the most watched eSports events in history and two top professional sports championships (tennis and golf). 5. 4 Launched the Instant Gratification initiative to support ad networks, partnering with more than 15 top companies in the space. 6. 5 Hit record highs for both sustained and peak CDN traffic. 7. 6 Had an incredible retention year in our Network Operations Center (NOC). The best support team in the industry is also one of the most experienced. Our average tenure is currently 1.74 years! 8. 7 Achieved highest revenue ever in Q4. 9. 8 Launched the Highwinds Cloud Storage platform. Highwinds Cloud Storage (HCS) is a cloud of distributed storage nodes designed to support your online storage needs with full replication, guaranteed high availability and asset durability. HCS is an enterprise grade cloud storage solution, and can be used independently or in conjunction with your other Highwinds infrastructure solutions such as custom colocation and transit, or the Highwinds global CDN. Content owners and distributors can store assets online and choose to deliver them directly from storage or via the CDN... maximizing their options for both price and performance. 10. 9 Expanded our RollingThunder Network by adding new POPs on 5 continents, augmenting our current POPs with greater capacity and adding new peering partners. Our network now boasts more than 2,100 peering sessions worldwide. 11. 10 Became the top-performing CDN in both throughput and response time, according to Cedexis. CDN Throughput 12. CDN Response Time