How To Be Successful Building Mobile Apps

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Clip Mobile Founder Dave Offierski does not have all the answers to these and other questions about being successful in the app economy. Make no mistake, its tough out there but this presentation from Mobile Biz Bootcamp, Toronto 2010 examines some broad themes around successful apps and some of the strategies Clip Mobile is using to get on and stay on users phones.

Text of How To Be Successful Building Mobile Apps

  • to be SUCCESSFUL
    building mobile apps?
    mobile biz bootcamp September 15, 2010

2. you gotta be good to be lucky
mobile biz bootcamp September 15, 2010
3. cross platform development is a nightmare.
it is both a massive challenge/opportunity
4. introducing clip
Canadas location-based mobile coupon network
5. getting on the phone
Average number of apps per iPhone : 65Average money spent on apps per iPhone : $80Average cost of a paid app : $1.56Percentage of free apps : 65% (only?)Percentage users with ONLY free apps : 7%
6. does not necessarily mean staying
on the phone
--Avg Minutes per use: 9.6 (Greystripe)--Avg Uses per user: 19.9 (Greystripe)-- Only 20% of users return to use the app after the first day (Pinch Media)-- After a month, this number drops to 5% (Pinch Media)-- "39% of iPhone users cited weather-related apps as one of the three kinds of applications they use most frequently (Compete via MediaPost, April 2009)
7. Q: how many apps do you use in a month?
8. a successful app must:
solve a real problem
2) entertain (either with content or functionality ie. gaming)
9. successful apps solve a real problem

  • Where is good to eat around here?

10. What should I cook for dinner tonight? 11. I love this song! Who sings it? 12. What is the weather forecast today? 13. Where am I? Where are my friends? 14. I am heading out for lunch, who has a good deal on today?Tip: focus on the contextof a mobile user, and build a
great experience around it.
15. the clip approach tomobile

  • Consumers are self interested, so Clip is a mobile experience that allows brands to engage consumers motivated by DEALS!

16. Aggregating high-value actionable content around a great mobile experience is the best way to get and keep a user. 17. Appeal to those who are already interested in promotions.This needs to happen on both user and client side. 18. Cannot drive consumer adoption through mobile only.Build awareness by leveraging the assets of partners owned, earned and bought media.