How to make your own WordPress website

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Schedule of Presentation

6:15-6:20 Intro. Who and Why?

6:20-6:35 Slide Show

6:40-6:45 Demo Blogspot6:40-7:00 Demo WordPress

7:00-7:15 Questions

Open discussion from 7:15-7:45

Who am I, and why me?

26 years experience Macs and PCs

Thought I'd be teaching art...

Love It! My Service... do talk Learn alot

Fun, Passion, always intriguing, sometimes frustrating.

WHY----- Technology is FUN, easy to learn (in pieces), lots of resources, I'm a good teacher!

WHY for you?

Blog & Website

Website web pages accessed through internet, rarely changed, staticBlog web log dynamic content updated frequently More interaction comments, news feeds, events

Social media FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter,

LINDY'S PICK a combo static Home page with Blog

a collection of web pages (documents that are accessed through the Internet). Traditionally, rarely changed hence the term static website or page. Trish Jones says, blogs are dynamic websites. Dynamic, meaning that the content changes frequently and there is more interaction as well as the addition of news feeds, events and now, social media. When it comes to using content management software such as WordPress to build dynamic websites, what you can do is actually really only limited by ability and imagination.

What makes a website good?

Personal preferences, particular color schemes, or site themes AND the basics:1) USEFUL content and more content

Credible, accurate, and Valuable information

2) USEABLE easy navigation

Easy to access, maneuver, not cluttered, readable, attractive

3) Purpose is apparent strong clear message4) Contact information easily found5) Community serves, is connected, creates community

FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.


CMS - Content Management System WordPress, Drupal, JoomlaSEO Search Engine Optimization (we will get to that After you get your site up) but good point is that Search Engines (Google) rate pages not sites.Cpanel hosting control panel interface between you and your hosting company interface between you and WordPress or Blogger - is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing software application. (ex. Contact Forms, SEO add-ons)Widget - widget is a self-contained area of a web page that performs a specific function, or the code that generates such a self-contained area. (ex. Slider (revolving pictures), social media, Theme by theme so if not great widget get great plug-in).

E Z Steps

STEPS1) Name of your website check for availability, register name. (not as part of your hosting package)

2) A Hosting company Namecheap, GreenGeeks, GoDaddy No

HostGator etc.

3) Domain activated, pointed to servers

You tell registration company where to point servers

4) Load WordPress from hosting CPanel5) Login into WP (your website/wp-login.php)

Steps in WordPress

Pick theme, activate


General add www, set for city in your timezone

Discussion Turn off comments for all pages can turn on for Blog page

Permalinks Post name (name of page)

Customize theme (each theme different GREAT to Play!)

Upload Media so easy

Pages vs. Posts

Make a Blog page for posts to go on (set posts)

Make your first page

For Future [advance stage create child theme folder, FTP, etc.]






Short demo on searching and YouTube

What are you seeing when you get the results of a Google Search?

Look for date... URL

Using YouTube Has tabs! James Stafford 59 mins

Tyler Moore -

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - through adding content and keywords to your web pages so that both people and search engines understand what it is that your website offers. There are a number of search engines, but the biggest is Google. Some of the others use Google behind the scene.

Be Safe When You Download

Use for themes

They've been tested, checked, etc.


Sourceforge or Cnet good for OpenSource

Websites to share

Look at Blog

Look at porfolios of their clients

$800 and up for websites

Ad for Ken Casler

Bountiful Productions

Thinking Outside of the Box / Holistic Living - Holistic Health

Broadcasting and Podcasting Tomorrow's Innovations - Today

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