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Alfresco Community Edition 3.2Designed to Improve Compliance, Productivity & IntegrationIn addition to enabling mobile content management, streamlining email management and supporting open specifications and standards - including CMIS and IMAP - Alfresco Community 3.2 also lays the groundwork for records management support for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2 certification in September 2009.Reducing costs, improving integration, increasing innovation and supporting regulatory requirements top the list of priorities for IT executives in 2009, according to a recent report issued by Forrester Research*. Alfresco has responded to each of these industry demands in developing enhancements to Alfresco Community Edition 3.2.New features in Alfresco Community Edition 3.2 include: * Enhanced Records Management – Laying the groundwork for supporting Records Management (RM) in readiness for DoD 5015.2 certification in September 2009, Alfresco RM will enable companies to support the strict legal requirements needed to manage vital company information. Functionality will include: - metadata management, - YUI-based forms, - lifecycle management, - CMIS-based query access, - email capture, import/export facility and - auditing. * Mobile Access – The Smartphone client provides support for mobile devices (including Apple’s iPhone), providing the first ECM designed to enable mobile collaboration for business processes on the go. Users can now search, view and edit content, activities and tasks from anywhere. Rather than delivery by desktop application, the client interface is designed for the new Smartphone form factors. * Email Client Access & Archiving via IMAP Support – Simple ‘drag and drop’ allows users to share key messages with colleagues and team members without contributing to the ever-growing volume of forwarded email. Alfresco’s unique transparent IMAP standard protocol support provides full access to repository services without a client install and can be accessed from mobile devices. The virtualized repository support enables users to manage and archive emails within the corporate content repository. * CMIS/Interoperability Support – Alfresco Community 3.2 offers full support (SOAP Web Services, REST and Query) for version 0.61 of the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification, providing the most complete implementation of CMIS to date and allowing CMIS compliant clients and repositories to interoperate and share content across information silos. * Extranet Collaboration – Alfresco Community 3.2 is scalable to tens of thousands of users, is cloud-ready for EC2 and other cloud service providers and supports content collaboration outside the enterprise or in the cloud. * WCM Authoring and Deployment – Huge performance increases to improve deployment of web site content to external web sites through highly-parallel web site deployment and publishing. Alfresco Community Edition 3.2 is immediately available for download from

Text of Introducing Alfresco Community Edition 3.2

  • 1. Community Edition V3.2

2. Agenda

  • Focus of 3.2
  • Product Release History
  • Alfresco 3.2
  • More Information
  • Downoad

3. Market Trends Focus of 3.2

  • Reduce IT Costs
  • Improve Integration Between Applications
  • Use IT to Increase Innovation
  • Support Regulatory Applications

69% > 6 Repos 4. Rapid Innovation In Open Source Time

  • 06/2005 Preview Release Repository and Web Client
  • 10/2005 Release 1.0 Document Management & CIFS
  • 12/2005 Release 1.1 Enterprise Security
  • 02/2006 Release 1.2 Developer - JSR-170, Templating & PHP
  • 06/2006 Release 1.3 Platform for ECM Apps Scripting & Scalability
  • 09/2006 Release 1.4 Business Process jBPM & Records Mgmt, Kofax Integration
  • 01/2007 Release 2.0 GPL, OpenSearch, WCM
  • 07/2007 Release 2.1 Web Scripts and Office Integration
  • 02/2008 Release 2.2 Web Farm Management, Email Integration, JMX
  • 07/2008 Release 3.0 SharePoint Protocol Support, Collaboration Social Computing, CMIS
  • 01/2008 Release 3.1 Enterprise Deployment and Support
  • 07/2009 Release 3.2 Extranet, E m ail, CMIS, Foundation RM DOD 5015.2, Mobile

5. New in Release 3.2

  • Share Extranet Collaboration
  • Email Client Access
  • Email Archiving
  • Records Management Infrastructure
  • CMIS
  • WCM Authoring and Deployment
  • Mobile

6. Alfresco Share Extranets

  • Content Collaboration outside the enterprise or in the cloud
  • Scalability to tens of thousands of users
  • User, Group and Site administration for extranet
  • New types and aspects support
  • Easy AJAX-enabled forms system
  • Enhanced people profiles for sharing, invites and collaboration
  • Favorites and Galleries
  • Cloud-ready for EC2 and other cloud services

7. Image Gallery 8. New Forms System 9. Peoples Favorite Sites 10. Dashboard 11. Moderated Sites 12. Group Access to Sites 13. Group Admin 14. User Admin 15. Aspect Support 16. Type Support 17. Really Simple Content Management CIFS/WebDAV Shared Drive IMAP Email Zero Footprint Drag and Drop Native UI 18. New IMAP Integration Open repo inside of Mail Drag and Drop for Retention Browse and Access Content Get Full Metadata (Template Controlled) Works with most email clients with No Plug-ins! 19. Working with Email

  • Email Client Access
  • For those who live in email
  • Full access to repository services without client software
  • Implementation of the IMAP standard protocol
  • Supports access from Outlook and other email clients
  • Supports mobile access from Blackberry, iPhone and other mobile devices
  • Configurable presentation of content and metadata
  • Complementary to the new Mobile share
  • Email Archiving
  • Supports Records Mgmt and Email-based contribution of content
  • Based upon IMAP standards implementation
  • Drag and Drop classification
  • Rule-based filing
  • Server-based organization and metadata extraction
  • Configurable attachment handling
  • Independent of email client and no software download

20. Really Simple Records Management Shared Drive UI Email UI Web 2.0 RM UI Documents Records 21. Open Source Records Management

  • Based upon Share and SURF
  • New metadata management
  • New YUI-based Forms System
  • New Life Cycle Management
  • Import / Export Facility for RM
  • CMIS-based Query Access
  • Email Capture
  • Auditing
  • Industrial-strength Workflow

Supporting Compliance, Regulation and Retention 22. Record Visualization Browse in-line without Application Full Metadata and Record Status Take Common Records Actions Records are URL-addressable 23. Forms, Metadata & Life Cycle New Forms System All URL-addressable New Metadata Types Full RM Life Cycle Data 24. DoD 5015.2 Scheduled for Sep 2009 Based on Share Record Disposition & Holds All the Advantages of Share New Forms System for Share 25. Coming Soon (in August) New Records Site Web 2.0-style Query Tools New Reporting Tools 26. Simplifying and Economizing Records Management

  • 100% Open Source Stack
  • Shared Drive and SharePoint Protocol ease of use
  • Native IMAP implementation for simple email integration
  • Easy data modeling for special data requirements
  • Rules processing for auto-filing, metadata collection and rendition generation
  • First CMIS-enabled records mgmt solution for federated access
  • Activities tracking for easy monitoring and mobile access
  • One-tenth or less the cost of traditional solutions

27. CMIS Interoperability CMIS Content Application 28. Core Use Cases

  • Collaborative Content Creation
    • A set of users wish to work collaboratively to create one or more documents or web pages.
    • Need: Authentication, Security, Versioning
  • Portals
    • Aggregated interface to viewing content from multiple sources.
    • Need: Query
  • Mash-ups
    • Composite applications that integrates data/functionality from one or more sources.
    • Need: Query, RESTful Access (call via URL)
  • Search
    • Support for unified indexing search engines
    • Need: Change logs, ACL discovery

29. CMIS

  • First implementation
  • Most complete implementation
    • RESTandWeb Services
    • Query
    • Full-text
    • Complete server implementation for current v0.61 spec
    • Open source test suite of 100 tests
  • Development platform of choice open source
  • Integrations to Drupal, Joomla, Confluence
  • Active participation on OASIS committee
  • Two committers in Apache Chemistry

Joomla Integration Confluence Integration 30. CMIS Query Language

  • Syntax - SQL-92 Subset + Extensions for
    • Multi-Valued Property
    • Full Text Search
    • Folder Membership
  • Semantics - SQL-92 + Extensions + Relational View mapping
    • Relational View to CMIS data Model
    • Table, Row, Column to
    • Object Type, Type Inheritance, Objcet Property, Versioning
  • ANY
    • Ability to query multi-valued properties common in properties such as keywords
  • IN_FOLDER() and IN_TREE()
    • Ability to find documents and recursively descend a folder hierarchy
  • CONTAINS() and SCORE()
    • Ability to search text inside the content and relevance ranking of results

31. CMIS Query Language

    • SELECT Name, ObjectId
  • OR
    • SELECT Name, ObjectId
    • WHERE Name="doclib.png"
  • OR
    • SELECT ObjectId, SCORE() AS Relevance, Destination, DepartureDates
    • FROM TravelBrochure
    • AND 2010-1-1 < ANY DepartureDates
    • ORDER BY Relevance DESC

32. 33. Integrated Enterprise Web Content Platform Documents Records Web Content Contribution Approval PublicationProduction Web Site Live Test / QA Web Sites Published (External) Pluggable Delivery Channels Common Services Common Repository Clustered Authoring & Deployment Parallel Deployment Change Set Driven New New Clustering Options New New Live Preview Improved Rendering 34. New in Web Content Management

  • New Web Clustering Architecture for Authoring and Deployment
    • Benchmarked for Reliability and Scaling
  • Parallel Deployment Engine
    • Multi-threaded processing for high performance update of web sites
  • Instant Preview against Test Server
    • View in changes, including code, in context