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Iuwne10 S05 L03

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  • 1. Cisco WCS Administration Administering Cisco WCS

2. Cisco WCS Login Default access is the IP address of the server as the URL, and HTTPS as the access method, which may also require a designated port. 3. Initial Screen Home 4. Administration Menu 5. Administration > Background Tasks 6. Administration > AAA 7. Administration > AAA > Users >Add User 8. 9. Administration > AAA> Groups >Group Name 10. Administration > AAA> Users > Audit Trail 11. Administration > Logging 12. Administration> Settings > Data Management 13. Administration> Settings > Mail Server 14. Administration > User Preferences 15. Summary

    • The Cisco WCS main page is organized around a vertical menu, two horizontal menus, and a main summary page.
    • The Administration menu lets you manage the Cisco WCS server itself.
    • Background tasks can be monitored and started manually.
    • The AAA section of the Administration menu is where administrative users are defined and managed.
    • The logging section gives access to log-configuration items, such as file number, size, and location.
    • To limit the size of the database, the Settings menu allows configuration of data aggregation over time.
    • The Preferences section lets you define items such as the number of lines per page and the alarms refresh rate.