Localising Series 40 web apps

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Consumers want content and apps that are relevant to their lives, and they have plenty of suitable choices when they browse Nokia Store. If your app is presented in a language in which theyre not skilled, theyre likely to tire of it soon or they may not download it at all. The Nokia Web Tools suite makes it easy for you to localise your web app to increase downloads and engagement and to improve user experience. In this webinar, Series 40 web tools expert Naresh Kumar will demonstrate how easy it is to localise Series 40 web apps for multiple languages and regions. We suggest that you install Nokia Web Tools before attending the webinar. Youll be able to understand the training without using the software, but youll learn more overall by starting to practise with Nokia Web Tools right after the session.


  • 1. Localising Series 40 web apps28 March, 2013Naresh Kumar N,Senior Developer, Nokia Web Tools
  • 2. Agenda: Localisation : What ? Localisation : How to create ? Localisation : What can be localised ? Localisation : How to test ? Localisation : Demonstration
  • 3. Localised apps : What ?
  • 4. Localisation : How to create ? Series 40 web apps support localisation in compliance with the W3C widget specification. Localisation support is folder based. Create a directory called locales inside widgets root directory. Create locale specific folders inside locales folder, with locale names. For ex: en, fr, de, zh-CN, zh-TW Include different resources that are appropriate for the locales.
  • 5. Localisation : What can be localised ?Resources that can be localised: Widget start file Java Script resources Cascaded Style Sheet (CSS) resources
  • 6. Localisation : How to test ? Localised apps can be simulated using Web App Simulator(WAS) in Nokia Web Tools. WAS currently supports four languages for localisation: English Chinese Russian Indonesian
  • 7. Thank You!Want to learn more?http://www.developer.nokia.com/series40webapps