My Technological Ambition

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  • 1. My Technological Ambition Maria S. Cruz ED 481 Dr. Cyrus

2. My ambitions are that I will eventually be able to have computer accessibility for my students in the classroom so they can be able to learn about some technology tools and be able to use them. 3. Being More Computer Literate-Enough to Teach My Intermediate Students some Computer Lessons and not just to do research. 4. Entering my class with hope that a class set of computers will be there. 5. Turning the computers on and waiting for my students to enter. 6. Having the Students Enter Class Ready to Work on the Computer 7. Students Typing In To Moodle to Get Assignment For the Day Assignment: Learning How To E-mail (Open a gmail account) 8. Students Surfing the Net for Information to Complete Assignment Search google for gmail service. 9. Students Finding SiteGoogle-gmail 10. Students Making Their Accounts 11. Students E-mailing One Another 12. Assignment Completed Homework will be posted on Moodle. Homework is to be e-mailed to teacher.