Ogilvy Mather Case Study

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Learn how the leading global advertising agency Ogilvy Mather boosts email network performance, reduces storage costs, improves business productivity, and eliminates delivery delays with email attachment management using Accellion.


<ul><li> 1. Accellion Customer Case StudyOgilvy &amp; Mather Case Study</li></ul> <p> 2. Accellion ConfidentialDownload this white paper to learn how this leading globaladvertising agency boosts email networkperformance, reduces storage costs, improves businessproductivity, and eliminates delivery delays with emailattachment management from Accellion. This allows theelimination of the web-based file-sharing portal: A costreduction of $150,000 per year.Ogilvy &amp; MatherCase Study 3. Accellion ConfidentialAccellion has provided us with a solution that has turbo-accelerated our business cycle, reduced costs and improvedperformance for one of our most critical applicationsemail.Yuri Aguiar, Senior Partner,CTO Worldwide IT of Ogilvy WorldwideCustomer Quote 4. Accellion ConfidentialOgilvy &amp; MatherCase StudyDownload Case Study 5. Accellion ConfidentialRead our other white papers to see how corporations andgovernment agencies are using Accellion enterprise secure filesharing to improve business productivity, reduce costs, increasesecurity and enable todays mobile workforce.Access all of our case studies at: www.accellion.comAccellion Case Studies </p>