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PowerPoint slides accompanying two segments of the Introduction to eBooks & eReaders class.


  • 1. Introduction to eBooks & eReadersSusan KniselyOnline Services LibrarianNebraska Library Commission

2. A leading distributor of downloadable eBooks,audiobooks, and other digital content tolibraries. Service used by 160+ Nebraska public libraries toprovide downloadable digital content to theirpatrons: Lincoln City Libraries Omaha Public Library Nebraska OverDrive Libraries Group (166 members) 3. Browse, borrow, read, and download digital titlesfrom your librarys OverDrive-powered website!nebraska.lib.overdrive.com 4. eBook Formats: OverDrive READ (new) EPUB PDF KindleAudiobook Formats: MP3 WMA (being phased out) 5. Internet access Library card + PIN from participating library Device on which to read eBooks: Desktop or laptop computer Dedicated eBook reader Smart phone or tablet Free software (OverDrive app or Adobe Digital Editions) OverDrive account or Adobe ID Email address 6. OverDrives browser-based eBook reading option Works on most tablets, smart phones, andcomputers running modern web browser No apps to download or software to install (see bookread book) No Adobe ID or device activation For offline access, downloadeBook to browsers cache andbookmark URL 7. Available free from popular app marketplaces Supports download of EPUB eBooks andMP3 audiobooks to: Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Android phones & tablets Kindle Fire, Fire HD/HDX Nook Color, Tablet, HD, HD+ Windows Phone Windows 8 8. Sign up at www.overdrive.com or when youdownload and install the OverDrive app. Syncs bookmarks, reading/listening position,libraries, and saved searches acrossapps and devices. Eliminates the need to authorize theapp and device with an Adobe ID. 9. Free software that supports download of AdobeDRM-protected EPUB and PDF eBooks to aWindows or Mac computer. Lets you read eBooks on your computer or transferthem from your computer to an eBook reader whenthe computer and eBook reader are authorized withthe same Adobe ID or OverDrive account.Note: If you are using Adobe Digital Editions softwareyou will need access to your OWN computer! 10. Kindle eReaders: Only compatible with Kindle format eBooks. DONT need to download software or install apps. DO need an Amazon account + access to a computer with Internet access. MAY want to install the Kindle app on other owned devices. Kindle Fire tablets: Compatible with Kindle format eBooks, OverDrive Read eBooks (via Silk webbrowser), and EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks (with OverDrive app installed) DONT need access to a computer DO need an Amazon account and access to WiFi 11. Software for Windows & Mac computers Download and listen to WMA/MP3 audiobooks onWindows computer, MP3 audiobooks on Mac Transfer to portable player / burn to CD 12. eBooks are both similar to and different thanprint books, which makes it difficult tomanage expectations and avoidmisperceptions on the part of patrons. 13. One Book One User Limit on checkout period / number of titlesyou can checkout. Patron can place hold on title that is checkedout and get notified when title is available. 14. OverDrive eBooks are available 24/7! OverDrive eBooks return themselves on theirdue date. No late books and no overdue fines, but No option to keep books out past their due dates in orderto finish them in exchange for paying fines Metered access 15. When patrons virtually browse an OverDrivecollection they see not only the books that areavailable to checkout, but also all the books thatare not available to check out. Everything is checked out! Every book I want to read has holds on it. When patrons physically browse a printcollection they dont see the booksthat are already checked out. 16. Nebraska libraries have been building their printcollections for years, whereas the NebraskaOverDrive Libraries group began building its eBookcollection in July 2010. Limited budget for eBooks. Not every book is availableto buy through OverDrive. 17. Librarians need to be familiar enough with theservice to counter/overcome some of theseperceptions! A few titles have a lot of holds,but the majority of titles have oneor zero holds. Dont just look at # of holds; alsolook at # of copies. Limit your search to titles that are available forimmediate checkout. Make sure patrons are aware of publisher problems. 18. http://nebraska.lib.overdrive.com 19. Introduction to eBooks & eReadersSusan KniselyOnline Services LibrarianNebraska Library Commission 20. Do you need to be a Techie?No! Absolutely not! 21. Just because you have noclue when the patronpresents their problem to you,doesnt mean you cantdiscover clues and ultimatelysolve the mystery. 22. Be prepared for multiple exchanges with thepatron and multiple exchanges with techsupport, and PREPARE PATRON FOR THIS! I have to go to work now but I will be back at 9:30 tonite and I will hopeto see the latest thing I should try. It's like a treasure hunt with cluesalong the way. We're getting closer, I can feel it.-- a patron I was helping with download problems 23. The more eReader/eBook tech support youdo, the better you will get at picking up cluesbased on what you hear ANDWHAT YOU DONT HEAR! I checked out an Adobe EPUB book through OverDriveand it downloaded as a .acsmfile, not as an .epub file I located the book I downloaded in the My Digital Editions folder on mycomputer, and I used Windows Explorer to move it to my eBook reader. I can see the books I purchased through B&N on my Nook, but I cant seemy OverDrive book. 24. Have you successfully downloaded eBooks from thisservice before? Using the same equipment? Have you downloaded Adobe Digital Editions (or theOverDrive Media Console app)? Have you created an Adobe ID and authorized yourcomputer and/or device? What type of computer/eReader/mobile device areyou using? 25. What type of file are you trying to download? Would you provide me with your library cardnumber so I can login to your account? Can I walk you step by step through the process so Ican try to pinpoint at what point you begin havingproblems? Can you share with me the exact text of any errormessage you are receiving? 26. Are download problems related to Internetaccess problems? Did a publisher send a corrupt file toOverDrive? No identifiable reason for difficulty?Delete the files and try again 27. OverDrive device/formatquestions are bestanswered using OverDriveonline Help resources 28. MobileRead Forumswww.mobileread.com/forums B&N Communitybookclubs.barnesandnoble.com NookBoardswww.nookboards.com/forum/index.php nookTalknooktalk.net Sony Reader Forumwww.sonyreaderboards.com/forums/ Adobe Digital Editions Helphttps://forums.adobe.com/community/adobe_digital_editions / 29. Patrons can access Front Line Tech Support form by clicking onHelp SupportLibrarians can access a support form by logging in toMarketplace (http://marketplace.overdrive.com) and clickingon Support General support