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1. Peer Review Ombu Labs, February 2015 2. Git Branches 3. master Its production! 4. develop Its the unstable branch 5. feature/twitter-integration It describes a feature 6. hotxes/price-bug It describes a bug x 7. Pull Requests 8. Title Brief summary of what it is 9. Description Longer description of the changes 10. Commits Make them as granular as possible 11. Code Changes to the code 12. Test Coverage Changes that prove your changes work 13. Guidelines 14. Be nice Dont be mean, we are all learning 15. Dont take it personal Any code can be improved 16. KISS Solve a concrete problem now 17. Refactor You can always refactor later 18. Dont design for the future Youre not an oracle, neither am I 19. Document Any public interface should be documented (YARD) 20. Check Guidelines We should all follow our style guidelines 21. Functionality Does it do what it says it does? 22. Performance Is the code really performant? 23. All Pull Requests Must Be Peer Reviewed 24. THANK YOU! questions?


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