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  1. 1. In todays technology driven world, businesses need to protect their data and information bybacking them so that in case of events that are out of their control happen, the businesss continuityis assured. Small disruptions in a company can impact IT servers and computers by rendering themineffective. Of course, this is bad for the business as it reduces productivity.Without a corporate data recovery plan, the organization has nothing to fall back on when facedwith a disaster. When a company is considering having a recovery plan, it has to consider the backupsoftware used, the number of times that backups are done and whether the backup is done over theInternet or offline. In addition, the number of stored backups, the amount of time backups are keptand the premises where the backup is kept is also part of the recovery strategy.Independent consulting groups who assess the impact of not having a corporate recovery plan haveprovided numbers which show that businesses that fail to have a strong backup plan in place usuallygo out of business within five years regardless of their revenue or size. The recovery plan provides astrong backbone for the business in case disaster strikes, making it invincible and ready to meet itsclients needs.An efficient data recovery plan such as the ones offered by Fields Group will be one that considersdifferent disastrous scenarios that can impact a business and provides strong recovery strategies forthe hypothetical events based on the importance of the information and what the business is willingto risk losing.Any corporation can claim to have the perfect plan in hand but what matters most is how thecompany acts when faced with a real disaster. The company when preparing the backup canperform an analysis to determine how long the businesss operations can continue to operatewithout the backup recovery plan. It must also analyse whether recovery solutions created on speedare worth the financial cost when the business data systems are unavailable.Two important parameters to consider when deciding on a corporate recovery plan must be basedon how much information can the business recreate and which information is okay to lose. Maybeconsider bringing in a data recovery firm such as Fields Associates?Choosing the appropriate parameter can affect how fast the business recovers data and whether itdoes so efficiently. If the corporation does not recover the lost information, then it can be a disasterand even see the company close down because data is core to its continuity.