Sage 100 Business Intelligence Workshop

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<ol><li> 1. Sage 100 ERPSage 100 BusinessIntelligence WorkshopDebbie Hill Senior Trainer, Sage </li><li> 2. SURVEY: How familiar are you with Sage Intelligence?3.Expert User: Build reports across multiple databases4.Advanced User: Im getting creative5.Beginner User: I can run the standard reports6.What is Sage Intelligence? </li><li> 3. Agenda Business Intelligence Overview Getting Going with Sage Intelligence Whats New in 4.5 Standard Demonstration Break Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks Demonstration </li><li> 4. What is Business Intelligence? Collecting information in order to make decisions Covers: a) The collecting of data b) Discerning trends, patterns and meanings c) Responding to that information Can take ANY form: verbal questions, reports, dashboards, etc. </li><li> 5. What is Sage 100 Intelligence? User Desktop Data Data DataDataData Data Data Data Data Web Server DataDataDataWarehouse Sales OfficeRemote Office </li><li> 6. Icon ComponentDescription Report Manager Author (design, create) and run reports Report ViewerRun reports and drill down no editing Security Manager Defines security for reports License ManagerManages licenses ConnectorConsolidations, Connect to additionaldatabases and tables Report DesignerExcel add-in that transforms raw data intofinancial layouts6 </li><li> 7. Demonstration Standard Reports More then just General Ledger! Drill Down Capabilities Modify Existing Reports Build Your own Financial Reports Designer Overview Reporting Trees Distribution Options Sage Business Intelligence Community </li><li> 8. Break </li><li> 9. Sage 100 ERPSage 100 BusinessIntelligence WorkshopPart 2Debbie Hill Senior Trainer, Sage </li><li> 10. Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks 6 Keyboard Shortcuts Dashboards Dashboards vs. Reports Pivot Tables and Charts Create and Modify Pivot Tables Create Pivot Charts Excel Slicers </li><li> 11. Keyboard Shortcuts Display the shortcut menu: Shift + F10 Wrap Text: Alt + Enter Auto Sum: Alt + = Insert new Worksheet: Shift + F11 Create a Chart: F11 Quickly Select Range of Cells: Ctrl + Shift + *</li></ol>