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  • 1. SimGas Biogas for TanzaniaBringing affordable biogas to East Africa13-6-2012 11

2. Current Cooking solutions proveexpensive, unsustainable, cumbersome andunhealthyUnsustainableCumbersomeUnhealthy Distance to wood No on/off on wood, one Indoor air pollution Price of charcoal heath volume Skin / eye / long diseases Deforestation 3 hours of collecting Top 10 death causes in Soil erosion Cleaning pots and pans the world Mineral depletion On the ground, dirty Poor Sanitation2 3. Current Cooking solutions proveexpensive, unsustainable, cumbersome andunhealthyMunicipal Solid WasteThe Dar es Salaam ExampleTypical family in Dar es Salaam In DSM organic matter accounts for around 67% of thetotal amount of municipal solid waste generated Much of this waste is disposed off on the streets or in Daily consumption of charcoal for a family of open dumpsfive persons is around 2.8 kg This leads to pollution of ground- and surface With a price of around TZS 35,000 per bag water, the breeding of insects, and the spread of(45 kg), an average family spends around TZS forest = diseases410,000Ha of800,000 annually on charcoal in DSM This figure shows a steep rise1% gone each Year (!!)in price year onCharcoal useyear 470,000,000 kg of charcoal is consumed in DSM per Kind of1st choice 2nd choice 3rd choiceyear Fuel (% of HH)(% of HH)(% of HH) In Tanzania 6 kg of wood is used to produce roughly1kg of charcoal Charcoal 69 25 3 This leads to massive deforestation Kerosene 25 53 5 This deforestation in the outlying areas of thecity, increased the distance from the points of charcoal Electrical 4617production to the city 40 times over power LPG120 Others 114 753 4. Biogas is a technology to convert biodegradablematerials to gasManure, kitchen waste, waste from crop processing, sewage treatment Traditional domestic biogas Manure,biodegradable waste, waterBiogas FertiliserGas Storage Gas pressurePicture: SNV4 5. Biogas provides an alternativeEnergy ProductionImproved Fertilizer Health + Environment Biogas for cooking and Manure improved No indoor air pollutionlighting Increasing crop A toilet connected New business yield, >50% (!!)Reduced local Time savings 3 hours a Killing pathogensdeforestationday5 6. Millennium Goals and Benefits for the Country Women are empowered (income position, health, time) LOCAL SOCIAL Skin, eye, and longue diseases reducedIMPROVEMENTS Real sustainable employment is createdPeople 2,000kg wood (12,000 kg per charcoal using family!), 10L. fossil fuel saved per Family annuallyCLIMATE CHANGE Reducing >6tons of CO2 emissions annually per Family & FORESTS Halting deforestation and soil erosionPlanet Profitable sector developed and fuel imports reduced Households save 120-400 annuallyECONOMIC Lower dependency on Fertilizer importsIMPACTProfit 6 7. 7 8. Current Biogas alternatives have trackrecord but have insuperable drawbacksConventional domestic biogasDrawbacks - Unsustainably produced: sustainability issue - Manpower 6 men weeks - Trained masons - Quality control issues - Too expensive 8 9. Simgas produces and market mass-producedbiogas digesters that are affordable, easy toimplement, with a scalable business modelAffordable Easy to implement Scalable Half the price Transportable Mass-produced Collateral Easy to build Replicable production Guaranteed buy back Fast construction Sustainable business- Scalable (2m3 to 18m3) Fool prove, no leakage model9 10. Simgas Biogas System: Biogas ReinventedSimGas Biogas System:biogas reinventedFarm DigesterUnique Selling Points:1. Mass-producible in plastic2. Portable and light-weight3. Scalable and modular4. Removable and Recyclable Kitchen Waste Digester5. Quickly and easily installed by someone with minimal training 10 11. All Simgas Digesters are Mass-produced in Dar esINJECTION MOULDING Salaam using replicable production methodsFarm DigesterKitchen waste digesterROTATION MOULDING11 12. Small holder farmers in only South of Tanzaniawill save $1.5 Billion over bio-digester lifetime INCOME GENERATIONHALTERING DECREASING CARBON DEFORESTATION & SOIL EMISSIONS EROSIONSavings Per Family Yearly Wood-fuel SavingCarbon Emissions Not ($/Year) (Kg Of Wood)Emitted (CO2eq./year) Family SUM FamilySUMFamily SUMBiogasPotential $300$30M 2,000200,0006.9 0,7100,000Tons tonCO2eq.MegaTon CO2eq.BiogasPotential 8,0006.90.7(Arid)$450$45M -1,000,000 tonCO2eq.MegaTon100,000 12,000 Tons Co2eq. 20 year $1.525M1230M Tonpotential BillionTons 13. Biodegradable waste from (cash)crops can also be converted to energy (from wheat, barley, coffee, maize, jatropha, avocado, tobacco etc.)Opportunities investigated should be Biodegradable waste from (cash)crops can alsoproviding Biogas to Pig farms (obligatory?)be converted to energy (fromto mitigate discharge of volatile solids and wheat, barley, coffee, maize, jatropha, avocado, tbacteria, Fish farms, incubation obacco etc.). The high energy content of thefarms, vermiculture, and seed storage. residue waste gives high gas yields 13 14. 5,261 Small-scale electrification from larger biogas installations9440Institutional Biogas (schools, pris4,215 ons, etc.)2000Biogas from Biogas fromCash- larger farms Crop 20002517 Residues3,111 567567630 63with Biogas poten al #Large scale farms with Biogas poten al #kWh (24h)MorogoroIringa Mbeya>100M3 Biogas 50-100M3 Biogas25-50M3 Biogas16-25M3 BiogasBiogas from Biomass ResidueIns tu onal Biogas14 15. SimGas Biogas for TanzaniaBringing affordable biogas to East Africa13-6-2012 15 15 16. Sales through partnerships leverages existing networks Upfront payment InformationInformationCarbon rights Direct marketingService and support Biogas systemHouseholdsAssistance Financial servicesCredit FacilitiesTraining CollateralPaymentsInterestNew clientsMarketing material Membership Client base Cooperatives Banks Training Payment collection Financial services16 17. Selling Carbon Emission Rights lowers the pricefor the customers substantially$ 732 Carbon rights Figures represent thecost for a 4 m3 Total Value Biogas System 1st DownSales Price payment$ 511$ 383 Further down payments customer Micro-loan by MFI Risk for MFI$ 191 Recovery value guaranteed by SimGas to MFI $0Initial purchaseMicro-finance period (18-36 mo.) 17 18. mixing modern and traditional mediaword of mouth commission vouchers, Print, social media, road shows, learningexcursions, website, give aways, cook-book, TV-cook-show, radio, pressconferences, door2door sales 18 19. Consortium of parties bring Simgas Biogas to5,000 farmers in TangaThe Tanga ExampleConsortium of parties teamed up to bringMain reasoning for parties to engageSimgas Biogas to 5,000 farmers 1. Increased health of farmers (women)leads to higher productivity 2. Improved income position 3. Improved income position leads to re-investment in more cows 4. Improved manure leads to betterfeeding of the cows and increased milkproductionContributions of parties TDCU: Engages all member Saccos and provide for instalment collection administration Farm Friends: Provide for the necessary collateral Tanga Fresh: instalment collection through milk payments and financial support19 20. Farmers and Families in Urban and Rural areasshould have a Simgas Biogas DigesterTake AwayBiogas is a technology to convert biodegradable materials (like manure, kitchen waste, wastefrom crop processing, sewage) to gas. This is done from small scale families to large sewagetreatment plants. The gas is used for cooking, lighting, electrification, cooling, and other uses.1. Simgas can provide BIOGAS for sustainable (cooking) energy to 200,000-500,000 farmers inTanzania, saving them $300-$450 per year, increase their earning capacity, and improving theirhealth. The slurry will increase the crop output, strengthen soil fertility, and increase income.2. Clean BIOGAS can also be provided for families without livestock or waste from crops using onlybiodegradable waste from their kitchen. This will displace charcoal use and therefore limitdeforestation in the rural areas.3. Biodegradable waste from (cash)crops can also be converted to energy (fromwheat, barley, coffee, maize, jatropha, avocado, tobacco etc.).4. Other opportunities should be providing Biogas to Pig farms (obligatory?), Fishfarms, incubation, vermiculture, and seed storage.5. Larger scale farmers and institutions can even use their Biogas for micro-grid electrification.Biogas is the premier Climate Mitigation tool if expanding sustainable agricultural productivity.20