Airships: The way to travel faster without hassles between cities Submitted By Sushnato Dutta (IMT Ghaziabad)

Sushnato dutta airships

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Airships: The way to travel faster without hassles between cities

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Sushnato Dutta(IMT Ghaziabad)

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Problem Solution

• Rising Fuel Costs Fuel saving • Infrastructure Building upon the

existing• Cost One time investment• Safety Airspace is much safer• Pollution Fractional to the existingONE SOLUTION TO ALL OF THIS…………AIRSHIPS

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Newest Developments

• Though lighter than air in principle, Aeroscraft™ doesn’t depend upon only buoyancy for lift

• COSH (Control of Static Heaviness): Controlling buoyancy by compressing or decompressing Helium and pumping in or out Air

• VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing)• Use of state of art turbofans or hydrogen fuel

cell powered propellers

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Newest Developments

• Fly by light technology: Safety against EMF interference and saves weight

• Landing Cushions: Vacuum and reverse vacuum to place in the craft at desired positions

• Capability of carrying oversized cargo

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• Docking towers:– Either on independent locations– High rise Buildings

• Ticketing– Collaboration with travel portals/ Agents– Website

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DGCA Requirements

• Airworthiness Certification• U.S. products and articles and associated FAA

approvals eligible for import in India:– Type certificate– Supplemental Type certificateTo be taken from Small Airplane Directorate, USA

• Licensing of Operators, pilots and staff : Parent company Aeros is FAA compliant and arranges for the training too

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Statistics: Aeroscraft™

Particulars Dimension Units

Payload 59874.19284 kg

length 197 m

wingspan 53.9496 m

height 36.576 m

Max Speed 222.24 km/h

Cruise Speed 185.2 km/h

Range 5741.2 km

Altitude Ceiling 365.76 m

Cargo Dimensions 67.056X12.192X9.144 cubic m

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Time factor


Stake in project

Seeking $3bn for 24 crafts



Passenger revenues

Cargo revenues

Advertisement revenues

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The case against Production

• Dilution of Core Competency• Huge investment costs will result in long break

even period• Will result in ambiguity of goals

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In order to ensure steady inflow of revenue, three components have been decided

• Passenger Revenues– Seasonal (Application of seasonal rates etc)

• Cargo Revenues– To tie up/offer cargo services at a premium in

competition with Air Cargo• Advertisement Revenues

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Passenger Revenue

For all aerodynamic calculation purposes Airbus A320 is considered the basis

• Revenue earning component• Weight per passenger (Considered from

Airbus considerations) : 96.36 Kg• At 59874 Kg payload, capacity : – 59874/96.36 = 621 – Taken = 400 (38545.45 Kg)– 21328.74 available for cargo ferrying

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Passenger Revenue (Contd….)

• At 185 km/h for a distance of:– 500 km • Time per trip : 2.7 hrs • No. of trips per day : 8 (4 round trips)

– 1000 km• Time per trip : 5.4 hrs • No. of trips per day : 4 (2 round trips)

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Cargo Revenue

• 21328.74 Kg Available for Cargo ferrying• Can carry variable sizes of cargo• It will act as the cost covering component

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Advertisement Revenues

• The 197 m outer body can be leased out as a massive billboard.

• Visibility:– Passengers (800 per day)– Cities of operation

• Advertising at Points of Sales• Merchandising

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• Initial funds• Internal lobbying• Making the consumer aware • Shorten the learning curve• Competition from alternate technologies

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Case: Comparison and Pricing

Route: New Delhi to Kolkata• Distance: 1462 km• Road

– travel time: 19 hrs 7 mins (ideal)– Cargo Transport rate: 1950/tonne (Max 16 tonnes)

• Air– Travel time: 2 hr 10 mins + 1.5 hr (avg) in Airport procedures– Fare: Rs. 5800 (2 months) to Rs. 10000 onwards ( 5 days)

• Train – travel time: 16 to 26 hours– Fare : 1200 to 2000 (1 AC, 2 AC & 3 AC)The figures in blue are our opportunity windows

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• Aeroscraft– Travel Time: 7.9 hrs (2 trips possible)– 400 passengers X 2 trips– 21 ton cargo X2 trips

• Pricing– Rs. 1500 per passenger (Rs. 1200000 per day )– Rs. 1500/tonne (Rs. 63986.21488 per day )– Total Projected revenues of Rs. 1263986

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Costing-Break EvenBasis: Airbus A320

In Rs. Remarks/ Units

Price per unit 379.12 Crores

Revenues/day 1263986 perday

Revenues/month 37919580 per month

Salaries etc (staff, support, maintenance)

10 staff 96000 pm

Pilots (2 Nos) 200000 (medium experience required)

Fuel 10 L/km (Prop planes consideration minus the lift considerations)

Total monthly distance 87720

Fuel costs 6265714.286

Profits 31357865.71 per month

Profits per year 376294388.6

Break even 10.07509045 years

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Targeting & Positioning

A solution for the price conscious consumer who also has time constraints and expects good service

Price Conscious Customer

Time Conscious Customer

Service conscious Customer





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